What can I build for you?

Custom Woodworking in West Bend, Wisconsin.

920-602-0682 -or- Flaherty.ShannonM@gmail.comto order

Solid Pine or Cedar. You won't find anything better! Click the picture for a gallery and prices. I do custom work too!

Benches, Chairs, and the WiscoRondack, ChargerRondack, and OwlRondack!

Fully Customizable! Pick from one of my designs, or design one from scratch!

Counter Top, Cutting Board, End Grain, Edge Grain, Face Grain, You Name it!

Roll in style!

The loss of our native Ash trees to the emerald ash borer is an environmental tragedy. Trying to save some BAD ASH trees from the chipper and benefit Habitat for Humanity at the same time!

Nearly indestructible pint size pine picnic tables built to be used and abused.

Coasters, Cutting Boards, and Butcher Blocks in Walnut and Cherry wood.

Tired of the same old board? Contact me for a functional work of art!

I don't always wear a belt, but when I do it has an SF WoodWorking buckle.

I can build anything out of wood! What's your project?

Not the bird, just the wood!


Located near West Bend, Wisconsin, Shannon is a passionate woodworker who has been involved in the trade for more than two decades.