Adirondack Furniture

Notice the curved slats on the seat and back of all of my furniture. Thick legs keep the chairs from sinking in to soft soil. Quality and Comfort! Inexpensive Adirondack furniture cuts corners with wide slats, thin material, and flat seats and backs. . What you save at the checkout, you'll pay for every time you sit down! 100% solid Cedar construction with exterior grade fasteners. --Custom made locally for you!

Adirondack Chair

This is the classic Adirondack chair. Great looking and comfortable.

Cedar: $200

Adirondack Bench

Matches the chair. Same great high quality and comfortable construction.

Cedar: $325

Tete-a-Tete Adirondack Bench

This bench matches the rest of the set and features the same comfortable seat and back as well as top quality materials.

Cedar: $450

Footstool / Extra Seat / Coffee Table / Side Table

It's the perfect multi-purpose addition to your patio set. Use it as a foot stool. Push two together to make a coffee table. Works great as an extra seat, or set it beside your chair to hold your drink!

24" x 24" x 15" tall

Pine: $45

Cedar: $60


On your porch, at the cabin, or around your firepit, show some Badger pride!

Cedar: $215


Show some Hamilton Charger pride! Or, maybe your name is Harrison, Hughes, Hill, Hall...

Cedar: $215


Cedar: $215