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Small Office Services

Office cleaning is offered in a variety of levels from basic to detailed and every where in between!

When it comes to cleaning an office I simply recall every office I have gone into as a  patron and noticed cobwebs, mucky corners, dust covered chair backs & legs, plants that have seen better days...just the overall bad impressions I have witnessed! 

Office cleaning can be scheduled daily/every other day/ 3 days a week and can include Saturday or Sunday. 
Hours of service are typically after business hours, as to not disrupt daily operations. 

Just like homes, each office is different and requires different services. Due to the individualized services offered all office services require an in office quote to assure the client that his/her needs will be met. 
As a rule of thumb:

Basic Service Includes:
  • Empty all trash cans
  • Dust furniture/desks, window sills and seating 
  • Bathrooms disinfected and shined 
  • All flooring vacuumed 
  • Floors mopped (where applicable) 
  • Scuff marks on flooring removed
  • Front door glass cleaned inside and out
  • Entry way/store front windows cleaned 

Detailed Service Includes: (all of the above + the following)
  • Kitchenette disinfected including the inside of the microwave and the surfaces of major appliances
  • Paper products supplied and replaced as needed
  • Liquid Soap dispensers refilled 
  • Chair molding wiped
  • Seating areas disinfected with fabric safe spray
  • Spot clean walls & doors
  • Door knobs disinfected
  • Bulk trash removed and placed in outside receptacle 
  • Water & Dust plants/foliage