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This listing is to provide potential clients with an approximate fee. 
(The regular basic service prices are based on a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, living room, dinning room, kitchen and utility room)

Regular Basic Cleaning Services
First time cleanings will be an additional charge because it will be a more detailed/deep cleaning.

Weekly Service: $60- $80 [typically a more customized cleaning provided at clients request]

Bi-Weekly Service: $80-$125

Monthly Service: $110- $150

Move In/ Move Out Service: $55 per hour for two cleaners
[normally takes two cleaner 3-5 hours depending on the condition of the home]

Specialty Services
Refrigerator clean outs: $15-$23 

Oven clean-outs: 
Self-Cleaning (preset prior to arrival): $20
Non Self-Cleaning: $28

Polishing Sterling Flatware: 
8 place formal setting set: $64
6 place formal setting set: $50
per piece: $2.50

$26 hour + cost of organizing materials & supplies

Curio Cabinets: $10-$34 [varies by size and contents]

Floor Grout:
Bathrooms: $35-$85 [dependent on sq. ft.]
Kitchens: $75-195 [dependent on sq. ft.]

Includes removal, cleaning, and replacement of screens; window trim and sashes will also be cleaned
Under 15 windows
Single story: $165
Two Story: $215

15-25 windows
Single Story: $200
Two Story: $265

Windows- Inside only 
Under 15 windows: $95
15-25 windows: $115

*The rates listed are estimated based on current customers homes. All rates will fluctuate since every household has different needs and requirements.