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Construction: Post & New

New and Post Construction Cleaning is more detailed than a basic cleaning.
As anyone in construction knows, a basic vacuum & wipe down does not meet the needs of any room that has just undergone construction. 

There can be numerous additional needs of a construction home/office cleaning that an occupied home does not entail. 
Which calls for a more in depth cleaning. 

Post & New Construction Cleanings include the following services:

All flooring: Vacuumed and edged to eliminate carpet fibers and/or dust build up
Hard Flooring: Mopped with corners/edges hand wiped

All cabinetry: Vacuumed out, disinfected inside & out plus the outside will be polished 

Counter tops: Disinfected and shined 

Appliances: Wiped down & shined, stickers removed (if requested)

Walls/Ceilings:  Dusted and Spot cleaned 

Windows: Washed and stickers removed (if requested/needed)

Bathrooms: Completely disinfected, all hardware/mirrors will be shined 

Any railings will be wiped down & polished or shined as appropriate 

Molding/Trim of all types will be wiped down (crown, chair, baseboard, window, door)

Light Switch/Socket Covers wiped down

Light fixtures wiped and shined 

Ceiling fans wiped and polished