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KGB 2.2 now $15

Introducing the latest and greatest all round tournament profile:KGB boxing

Some of you may have used the creators previous releases the Jackal profiles. They are highly successful profiles that took a long time to perfect. they are a mix of old school poker and new school poker. Well after he had gotten them about as good as they could get he began wondering how a totally "new school" style profile would do. He did a lot of research on the big poker forums that hate us as well as read through books/articles from "Elky", Phil Galfond, Jason Mercier, and some other online poker phenoms. Thus KGB was born. Some key features of this profile are: advanced 3 way / heads up code... in depth C-Bet, bluff, and +cEV Push code... extremely aggressive short handed code... lots of randomization... special "Negreanu" code, etc.

In order to expedite the testing process this profile was run in sngmtts. Its got over 1,100 tourneys logged in and much more to come. Balu's LAT Log analyzer was used to track down every single losing line of code and correct it. This profile will play optimal poker and the graphs below show it. This profile is special because it is an all in one profile. I have tested it in the big MTTs and SNGMTTs and it has crushed them. I haven't put it in a lot of 9 man SnGs but I don't have any doubt it will beat those as well.

$1 Buy in KGB Graph

This volume was obtained in 1 month. Add in rakeback and that's $220 profit/month playing little $1 games!

BB Won/Hands Played

Chips Won/Hands Played

Lines of Code: 7,800+