Overview of Adhyatam/Spiritulism : Veda are repository of wisdom, which contain various techniques & methodologies to realize Self & reveal beyond. Veda are not confined to any particular religion, rather generic wisdom on essential spirituality & materialism. >>>
Download Patanjal Yog : In this unique effort, the translation, from Sanskrit to Hindi, of the Patanjal Yoga Sutra has been done with an unbiased and pure mind. The translation is very simple and uses minimum words, without losing the essence and purity. >>>
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Learn Vedic Astrology : Vedic Jyotish means "True Light of God". Jyotish is also called an “eye”, as it allows us to see through the opaque time i.e. past, present, future and beyond. Check out free tutorial on Jyotish i.e. Astrology. >>> Mirror for Self : Apart from creating conducive environment, spiritual books are mirror for the Self. This section lists spiritual books, which you might want to read, understand and implement. >>>
गीता : गीता का उद्देश्य स्वधर्म-पालन में बाधक मोह का निवारण करना है| अहंकार और राग से स्वजन-आसक्ति उत्पन्न होती है, जो मोह का कारण है।  >>>
Natural manifestation of Om :

Photograph of unique phenomena which repeatedly happens in meditation room >>>

पातञ्जल (अष्टांग) योग : 
योगशास्त्र का लक्ष्य मनुष्य को स्थूलता से सूक्ष्मता कि ओर ले जाना है ।  >>>
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