Blog #8: Representing God and Country

Today I went to bible study in the hotel with some of the other athletes and coaches. The theme was "waiting on the Lord." We had a lot of fun, singing and praying and sharing our stories of how we got to where we are (the Olympics!) by waiting on the Lord. I was amazed at everyone's stories, and where God has brought them from. Believe me when I say that the odds were against most of us in that room to be where we are today, but everyone persevered trials that can only be explained by God's grace. We truly have some MIRACLES on this team! There are many of us out there whose main goal is not to win gold, but to simply give God your best and to honor Him. That is what this is all about. I was so inspired and so blessed to see that members of Team USA will be competing for Him, and I just wanted you all back home to know that as well.