Blog #7: Pigs feet and funny fruit

Good morning! Ok, so yesterday was another excursion and we went to another shopping area in downtown. It was HUGE and people everywhere!
Of course we had our security with us every step of the way... but they were actually very good tour guides! Who would have thought we would have so much fun in a Chinese supermarket of all places?
We were looking at all their different looking fruits, when all of a sudden one of the members of our security disappears and then comes back with a bag full of this Chinese fruit that we have never seen before.
She hands one to each of us to taste and says that it is "delicious, expensive Chinese fruit." We were all a little hesitant to eat it since we had no idea what it was or what it would taste like. But we also knew that it would be rude not to, especially since she had spent her own money to buy them for us. My friend Miguel (see below) was more hesitant than the rest of us. He tried to sneak his piece of fruit into his bag and said "uh... I'm gonna eat this later when I get back to the hotel." They all made me taste it first and our Chinese guide/security saw how hesitant I was and finally said to me "all in the mouth!" It actually ended up tasting pretty good, so I made Miguel taste it too. Check out his face in this picture. hahahaha.
And this is me laughing at him...
So we were all feeling pretty brave and adventurous after that... until we saw the animal parts for sale. Check out these pictures.... unless you have a weak stomach, then you may want to skip down to the end. haha.
Chicken feet!
Pig heart (left) and pig tongue (right)
And my personal favorite... pig feet.
I have more pictures of animal parts, but I think I will stop there for today haha. I have one more picture to dedicate to my mom... don't worry mom, they have Starbucks here!
I have the day off of practice today so I am planning on taking a nap and getting a massage while everyone else is gone and then some fun in the athlete lounge later! I could get used to this life!!!