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Selected Current Works:

Land Of Nod: SOLD An interpretation of the beginning, middle and end of time as the bible sees it. It's the center of a bigger series and is surrounded by the villages of Faith, Love, Doubt and Sorrow.

YBM-Metro:SOLD follows the life and times of electro pop creation Lederhosen Lucil through her hometown of Yamabierstien.

 Trout map Replica: an ode to Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica.

Empathiea: SOLD a "geographical mash up" of sorts. Empathiea is a number of cities and landmarks brought together within the context of an imaginary urban geography. A place in which the  Sea of Galilee has been turned into a small pond in a park and the Nile is a creek bordering the Eastern edge of the city.

The Clockworks series: a whimsical series based on childhood games and objects including Modesto, Arabiaville and Rainbow Connection

The Six Cities Series: SOLD OUT This series was created as a reflection on travels and experiences throughout the American South and include areas of Atlanta, Nashville, Toronto and Chicago among many other places

Suburban Accidental Railway Series: I have created 13 maps inspired by each song on Krista Muir's new album "Accidental Railway".

 For information: shanewattband@gmail.com