1956 Ford F100 

Skip and I installed the new crate engine and a Griffin radiator last summer after having some "heating" issues with the old engine.  (Thanks again Skipper!!! You are the best!!)


 The radiator is a Griffin 2 row radiator. 1 1/4" tubes. Core thinkness 2 3/4". Tank width 3". Special order with mounting bracket attached flush with the engine side of the radiator instead of the center of the radiator (this created more room for the fan - radiator sits closer to the front of the pickup). Modified the radiator support so the radiator sits lower - top of the radiator tank almost even with the top of the radiator valance, I also added two mounting brackets to the radiator support for the overflow tank. Custom fan shroud with electric puller fan. Used ford shock absorber bushings between the radiator support and the mounting brackets to isolate the radiator from vibration. Looks great and performs well. I'm really happy with it so far.


I want to thank a few people for all of their help to get the truck to where she is today.  They are:


Mom - Without you, none of this would have been possible.  I love ya!


John - Thanks for finding the truck on craigslist and for all of the work that you and the guys at your shop have done on my truck.  You sure know your stuff!!  And for all the work trying to get that old motor timed....good grief, what a nightmare!!  Anytime I can return the favor, you better give me a call.


Skip - You are a wealth of knowledge and one tough SOB.  Thanks for all of your help....and I mean ALL of your help.  Motor install, radiator install, fabrication, and the list goes on and on.  Not only that, but for all of the other things you've given me.  You are truly my second Dad.  But don't worry buddy, we've still got a few more things to do!!!  And yes, I said, "we."  But not to worry, we will still get in a little golf....screw that, a TON of golf!!


Corey - You are the MAN!!!  Thanks for getting me the cherry picker and for proudly wearing the scar that my truck gave you (she gets a little testy every now and again) when we were installing the motor and tranny. (You'll never forget where you got that scar...weenie!) I don't know if I can ever thank you and your Dad enough for ALL of the things that you've done for me....you don't know how much you guys mean to me.  Know that I will always have a frosty cold one for you anytime.  I also want to thank you for all the quarters you've had to give me on the golf course.  LOL. But no matter what....you're still a SLAPPY!!!!


Dale - Thanks for the parts that you've given me and the tools you've let me borrow.  For having a cigar and a cold one for me when the going got tough.  For being there to rev the engine when I was timing the engine and for lending an ear when I was thinking out loud about all of the stuff that I wanted to do to my truck.  You are a good man.


Steve D. - Thanks for letting me borrow the battery charger.  (I know I kept it far too long.....I need to get one of my own.) 


Calvin - Thanks for your moral support and for the excitement in your eyes as I talked about all of the stuff that I wanted to do to my truck.  (I hope you see the excitement in my eyes as you talk about all of the stuff you are going to do to your Riv - great move by the way!)  Now we are ready to ROLL!!!




The Dogg Pound Rules!!!! Let's roll!!!









Yes, I'm a Nebraska Cornhusker fan!





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