Finished...for now

Here are some pics of the final product.....for now.   


All shined up for the Friday Night Car Show at Sonic. 





 Newly chromed grill.  The V8 symbol will be powder coated red. 



Paint looks good.  Mathces the bed well.


The door finally CLOSES!!!  


 Nice!!!  Looks good.  I think the truck's a nice "5 footer" now.


No more badges (emblems).  Truck is entirely shaved

and I decided not to put the badges back on the truck.

Still don't know if I miss them or not.  Oh well,

I still have them and can put them back on later.   


New hood.  Looks so much better than the old one. 


If you would have seen the old hood, this one looks





New air cleaner.  Decided to go with a velocity stack with a 9" cleaner.  Really looks clean. 

Now you can see all of the "shiny" stuff.








 And here is the next project.  The wooden slat of the bed have been removed.  The bed is going to get tubbed so the tires will fit in the wheel wells.  The wood slats are going to be painted bright red and the metal strips will be powder coated black.  The tubs will be painted black too.  I will start this project in the fall when it's a little cooler....and I'm done with my classes.