Dyno Tuning

I lied about being finished.  Two weeks after getting her back from the paint shop I took the old truck up to PERFORMANCE DYNO TUNING in Oakdale, CA.  It is a full-on hot rod shop with some of the nicest, most knowledgeable guys around.  They let me walk around and check out the entire operation and what an operation it was.  Had a great time. 


Here are some pics of the truck on the Dyno machine.  (click on pics)


On the rack getting ready for the Dyno run. 


Looks good sitting up there.   I can hardly wait to see

her running wide open.


Strapped down to the Dyno.  Getting ready for the second run.  Awesome!!!

That was one of the neatest things I've ever witnessed.  All of my

hard work running wide open.  Sounded INCREDIBLE!





I would have taken more pictures but I was too busy smiling as I watched her get put through her paces.  Loud and intense!!!  It was a blast watching her get pushed to the limits!!!  Here are the numbers:


Max. Horsepower to the rear wheels:  270 hp

Max Torque to the rear wheels:  310 ft./lbs

Max Dyno Speed:  155 mph @ 5400 rpm


Watching the dyno tests was one of the coolest things I've witnessed.  The noise, the power, SWEET!!!!  Watching all of my hard work run like a bat outta hell....doesn't get better than that!!!