Body Work

Two months ago I decided to have some body work done on the ol' pickup.  The doors and hood weren't aligned so I wanted to have them fixed....and that turned into a whole lot more.  Gotta love 52 year old trucks....what started relatively simple turned into quite the undertaking.   Seeing as though I don't know a whole lot about body work, I took the truck to Dan Loretto of Loretto's Auto Body Perfection (Atwater, CA).  Dan's a great guy and is talented at what he does.  Here are some pics of the process on the truck: 


(click on pics to see larger images)

Had to buy a brand new hood.  The old one was "tweeked."          

The old hood never lined up with the fenders.  Looks Good.                    

Looks great on both sides.  That's what I'm talking about!!                       

Removed some "dings" that the p.o. put in the fenders.  Nice!                  

Shaved the antenna.  Now the whole truck is completely shaved.              

Big "ding" fixed that was there from the previous owner.  Yes!!!               

Both fenders look absolutely perfect.  Lotta hard work put in on them.     

Door was cracked from misalignment.  Welded and filled.  Nice!!               

Top of door used to stick out about an inch from the cab.  Not anymore!! 

Driver's side door is finally aligned.  I can finally close it normally.  Yes!   

Fixing a few of the flaws in the driver's side door.  Love it!!                       

Passenger's side door looks as good as the driver's side door.                     

Yes!!  That's what I'm talking about!!  Looks good to me!!                       

A nail came through cab when the interior was installed.  Not now!        

Driver's side fender lines up nicely.  Never looked this good.                   

Passenger's side fender.  The gaps are just great!!                                      

This fender used to stick out past the hood by almost an inch.  Not now!

Driver's side fender used to recess about an inch behind hood. No more!!

Hood lines up perfectly.  View from driver's side.                                    

It's never looked this good nor has it ever lined up this good.                   

Ready to be primed and blocked.  Wet sanded and painted.                     

I can't wait until it's painted and back home.  Miss her!!         

I just love the look of the front end.  Now everything lines up.               

Getting closer to being finished.  YES!!!!!