List of Declared Members

Members of the Order can be included in this list but it is not required. Tp remain active on this list, the member must indicate that he or she has renewed his or her vows within a year's time. Names in red are those who need to make that declaration. 

If you wish to be included on this list please provide the following:
  • Name you wish to use
  • city, state, and country of residence
  • date of dedication
  • level of membership (oblate, desiccant, brother, sister)
  • indication if you want your email address listed here for others to contact

United States

  • California
    • Oblate Dave Salyers of Tehachapi (5/5/2012)
  • Florida
    • Dedicant Nathan Tamar Pautz of The Villages (8/3/2012)
  • Illinois
    • Brother Newt Knutzen of Highland/St. Louis (7/7/2013)
  • Missouri
    • Brother Osran Corvinus of Cape Girardeau (12/28/2011)
  • Massachusetss
    • Brother Shanddaramon of Maynard (8/14/2013)
    • Brother Lance FR of Lee (2/28/2012)
    • Sister Heather Esty of Marlborough (11/20/12)
  • West Virginia
    • Brother William Knox of Ravenswood (1/7/2012)

  • Australia
    • Dedicant Jenna Worley of Pambula
  • New Zealand
    • Brother Chris Vailalo of Wellington (9/1/2011)