A Sacred Order of Secular Pagans


The Shanddite Order was started by Pagan author Shanddaramon and is based on the teachings presented in his many books on living a sacred life through Paganism. He writes:

"In the course of writing several different books on modern Paganism, it became evident to me that I had enough sufficiently unique ideas to begin my own path or branch. I do not do this because I need a boost to my own ego by having disciples or followers. My path is for the independent and eclectic Pagan. There is no initiation from myself or others (I am not the leader) and both solitaries and groups of Pagans can join. I offer this path for those who: believe in these ideals, want to dedicate their lives to being a Pagan of high principles, want to help others, and want to be joined (at least in Spirit) with others of similar mind and attitude. There may be hundreds of people who decide to join with me or I may always be the only one, it does not matter to me. But, if you do decide to join me, I welcome you and invite you to become a force for the betterment of Earth and all her children."

This order is meant for male and female Pagans who live within the secular world but who also take on sacred vows. These vows bind the practitioner to the values and virtues of the Order so that he or she can live a sacred life in a secular world.


email: shanddaramon@mail.com

Site Contents

  • an introduction to the Order
  • contact information
  • a list of the basic principles we believe in and which support our faith
  • a list of the five things we value most in ourselves as members of the Order
  • a list of the three virtues or ways in which we strive to engage with others and the world
  • a discussion on how to join the Order
  • a list of current members
  • a list of practices suggested for Order members including
    • Lessons - 11 lessons for learning the basic concepts
    • Dedication Ritual - a sample ritual that can be used to dedicate to the Order.
    • The Vow of the Order - the vow required of all members
  • How the Order came to be
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