Shanddaramon has written many books for adults and children about Paganism and how to live a Pagan life. For more information on these books please visit the publisher website: Astor Press.

Self-Initiation for the Solitary Witch

A work describing the five-degree system of teaching that I use. This degree system, unlike traditional degree systems, is designed for the solitary practitioner and study groups and encourages self-reliance rather than strict teaching from a high priest/ess.
Published by New Page Books.

Living Paganism

Helping the Solitary Practitioner and others find deep and meaningful ways to make Paganism a way of life and an enriching spiritual practice.
Published by New Page Books.

Dewdrops in the Moonlight

A book of Pagan prayer, chants, and mantras,
Published by Astor Press.

Sabbats of the Northern Hemisphere: A Pagan Book for Children

A bright and colorful book for children that explains to children the eight sabbats or Pagan holidays.
Published by Astor Press.

The Sacred Quest: A Pagan Perspective on the Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness. It is something we all say we want but so few possess. Why do some people seem to be so happy all the time while others struggle to find joy in their lives? Answers to these questions have come mainly from traditional psychological and religious understandings. The Sacred Quest looks at happiness through a spiritual lens as well but finds answers from a unique Pagan perspective. Thomas Jefferson claimed that we all have the right to pursue happiness. As members of a free society, that pursuit becomes the duty and responsibility of each individual person but seeking happiness is more than just a personal project. It is a spiritual quest no different than those of the quests of the knights of old. Those brave spiritual warriors may have sought the Holy Grail and the Philosopher's Stone but the modern knight seeks a life of meaning and joy. The Sacred Quest shows the knight on this most important quest how to traverse the three realms of the map to the sacred mountain; how to defeat the treacherous enemies along the path; and how to use the tools and weapons of the quest such as the four elements and the energies of Light, Life, and Love to reach the goal of the sacred quest: happiness.

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The Worlds of Tarot

There is a place between heaven and earth, between the ideal and the manifestation, between the divine and the mundane. This is the in-between place where life takes on a greater meaning and its purpose is revealed. It is in this realm that meditation can take the practitioner. For this reason, many different spiritual traditions incorporate meditation into their practices. Meditation has also been used to treat various medical, emotional, and physical maladies. It is a practice that crosses the boundaries of religion, philosophy, and spirituality. Meditation is not something that happens naturally for most people. It is a skill and, like any other ability, can be improved upon by developing particular sub-skills and then practicing the techniques learned. This text looks at meditation from a Pagan perspective by incorporating an Earth-based theology and a practice based on the development of the whole self. It makes it possible for a complete novice to begin to learn the basic skills needed to become a skilled and effective meditator. With careful practice, an open heart, and a commitment to improving the self, the practitioner can find that place between the divine and the day-to-day.

Just Being: A Pagan Guide to Meditation

This work teaches one how to meditate through a Pagan perspective and includes over 100 exercises.
Published by Astor Press

The Five Rings: A Guide to Pagan Ministry

Modern Paganism is a rapidly growing religion in the Western world and as more and more people become practicing Pagans, so more and more people are needed to care for their needs. It is said that all those who practice modern Paganism are already Priests and Priestesses with the ability to lead themselves and others through a meaningful ritual but not all are Ministers. A Pagan Minister is a Priest or Priestess who answers to a special calling to help others by offering a spiritual outlook on the questions and challenges of life. This book is meant for those special few who want to come to the aid of others through the positive and life enriching ideals of Paganism. It is divided into five large sections called The Rings because each section deals with one important aspect of Pagan Ministry. The five rings are: Caring (offering Spiritual Advising or non-professional counseling), Sharing (giving Spiritual Direction), Declaring (leading special rituals), Preparing (teaching), and Repairing (learning to take and lead retreats). With clear explanations, numerous exercises, personal insight, and a wealth of related material and resources, The Five Rings will help non-professional Pagan Ministers aid others in their quest for spiritual growth and development.

Paganism: A Religion for the 21st Century

In the Postmodern world we are living in, our religious institutions have struggled to come to terms with current cultural trends. Modern Paganism is an antidote for those seeking a spiritual path that recognizes and honors the realities of our world.

The 12 Days of Yule

An activity book for children that celebrates the 12 days between the Winter Solstice and the New Year.

A Pagan Book of ABCs

Children need learning tools to help them understand basic concepts such as the letters of the alphabet. Such learning tools should be simple, easy, and have plenty of colorful images to help young minds remember the concepts introduced. This book helps introduce children to their ABCs but it also introduces some basic Pagan concepts as well. Besides having bright and colorful images of things that are represented by each letter of the alphabet, the text and pictures also introduce young children to ideas such as the eight Sabbats, the four Elements, the four quarters (or directions), male and female deities, and the pentagram. Other important learning tools are stressed as well including shapes, colors, and numbers. Letters from some different alphabets have also been added to the book to promote an acceptance of other systems of communicating through language. The end of the book includes fun and interesting activities based on the concepts introduced throughout. With this book, young Pagans can learn and have fun.

Pagan Degrees For Children

Many modern Pagans seek growth and spiritual practice through the pursuit and attainment of spiritual degrees. Whether in a group or as a solitary practitioner learning through a degree system can provide a needed structure, clear and distinct goals, and rewards for hard work. Children, too, often enjoy learning by following a clear structure and by getting positive reinforcements but may not be able to effectively and successfully pursue adult degrees. This book provides a system of learning Pagan and good living concepts just for children and young adults through three main degrees. Children from the ages of 5 – 18 can work on obtaining the Neophyte, Apprentice, and Mage Degrees by meeting specific goals designed for children and by completing the requirements for earning Achievement Awards. The Neophyte Degree is subdivided into several Levels to help give young children small and easily obtainable goals. Provided with each Degree and Award is a great deal of information and sources for learning and for exploring. All of the Degree, Level, and Award images and certificates are provided in black and white. However, a companion book is available that contains all the designs in full sizes and colors.

Pagan Degrees for Children Companion Book

A collection of all the Degrees, Buttons, and Certificates mentioned in the Pagan Degrees for Children Book printed at full size and in full color so that buttons and wall hangings can be made.

Sacred Gatherings: Rituals for the Pagan Family

A collection of full rituals for all Pagan seasons, holidays, and events designed for Pagan groups and families that want to include children in their rituals.

The Five Pointed Way: A Collection of Pagan Aphorisms Inspired by the Tao Te Ching

The ancient book of wisdom – The Tao Te Ching – has been a source of wisdom for hundreds of years. It is one of the most widely translated and copied book of all times and is the founding text of a quiet religious tradition known as Taoism. One of the world's oldest continuously practiced religions, Taoism teaches that all things are connected and sacred and that nature is to be honored and respected. Many modern Pagans feel a kinship and connection to the teachings of the Tao Te Ching. The Five Pointed Way is not yet another translation of the sacred Chinese text. Rather, it is an original collection of 78 aphorisms that uses the Tao Te Ching as a source of inspiration while also reflecting on modern Pagan concepts. The book is divided into six sections. The first five reflect the five representations of the Pentagram, namely: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit. The final section reflects on how to apply what has been learned in the first sections toward living with others.

Voices of the Earth

A collection of original Pagan songs and chants for most any use.

Thoughts On A Pagan Life: Collected Essays

In this book collects together many of my articles from Pagan journals and several new essays as well. All together they chronicle a spiritual journey from a curious participant in a public ritual to a teacher and writer for many Pagan students and readers. Many of the essential elements that are the foundation for other books are explained in detail here and help readers better understand them. Other essays explain what it is to live and be a Pagan and how to apply spiritual practices to the Pagan life. These topics and ideals are not those of all Pagans – they are the principles of just one - but they can help provide others with food for thought and with ideas on how to live more fully as a spiritual person.

Just Becoming: A Pagan Guide to Discovering and Expressing Your Authentic Self

Becoming is the force that motivates you to discover and live your authentic life. Living authentically allows you to become connected to the natural energies of the universe and to peer into your true nature. Within this book, you will discover the three parts of the personality: the Basic Type, the Personality Layers, and the Inner Narrative. Each one is part of the total picture of the self. Your Basic type is the canvas upon which the painting is created. Your Layers are the many colors added to the work and your Inner Narrative is the story that the art work depicts. Together they make up the beautiful and unique work of art that is you.

Just Belonging: A Pagan View of Love, Sex, and Relationships

The drive to belong is a powerful force in our lives. We are a social being and need to be connected to other people, to other beings, and to the energies of the universe. We express this need through love, sex, and relationships. With a complete and open discussion about each of these topics and over one hundred exercises based on modern Pagan ideals, this book offers an alternative view to mainstream ideas and provides guidance and thought for helping you navigate your way through the intricacies of love.

Pagan Stories For Children

These stories are designed to be entertaining and fun while also helping children learn basic Pagan concepts about the unity and sacredness of life; the meanings of the Solstices, Equinoxes, and Cross-Quarter days; and how to live together in a diverse and peaceful community.

The Far Side of Forever: A Pagan View of Death and its Lessons for Living

Death: the defining factor of our lives. It influences all we do and is a major theme in our stories and our culture though we try desperately to pretend it is not there. It is also a fundamental part of the theologies of most of the religions of the world. Is death the end or just the beginning? This book will examine death from a modern Pagan point of view and will explore how it can be the guiding factor for leading a meaningful and purposeful life.