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Shanddaramon teaches classes, lectures and tutors students in Pagan studies; is a Pagan pastoral counselor; teaches and offers Tarot and Rune advising; and is a published author of Pagan books and articles. He is the founder of the Shanddite Order of Pagans.

From this page, you can see some of his work and activities.

Shanddaramon is the author of several published books and articles on Paganism. Click on the Books selection to see a list of these and to follow links to some of the works.

Clicking on the Lectures and Workshops selection will give you the opportunity to see a listing of published and unpublished articles.

He is able to perform legal Pagan Weddings in Massachusetts as well as Handfastings, Handpartings or other types of rituals. He has made the guide he provides for those interested in these ceremonies available online.

Shanddaramon also practices the art of Divinatory Advising or Tarot and Rune advising. This is a spiritual practice designed to help people see themselves through difficulties using the wisdom of the Tarot cards or Rune stones. This is not a practice for divining the future. It is a method for helping someone to clearly see a particular present situation. Click on the Counseling selection to learn more about these techniques

The Spiritual Practices page offers suggestions on how to incorporate Pagan principles into daily life.

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