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Thank you Cheer Parents for your donations and participation

in the 1st Annual Beef/Beer Social

The BSHS Cheerleaders had over 30 persons in attendance 

and our "Cheer Basket" was a popular item on the chance table.

 Booster Club Board:
- President: Kasey Logan:  Kasey.Logan@planco.com

  • - Vice President:  Molly Berghuis:  molly.berghuis@gmail.com
    - Treasurer:  Judy Virgilio:  jvirgilio1026@comcast.net
    - Secretary:  Jill Venskytis:  Jillv@drexelhillpeds.com
    - Fundraising: 
    Coach Contact: Mrs. Nancy Riccardo:  nriccardo@shanahan.org

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