The End

A Citron in a little distress.....vapor lock

We made it to Lima, as did most of the competitors. In fact, all but 5 or 6 cars made it to the end.....and even those who had to give up on their cars rented Hire Cars and completed the trip, but are ineligible for prizes.

It was a relatively short day so folks could get to the hotel early and clean up properly for the big party tonight.

Our 2nd in Class Trophy with my Tequilla 
We did have two speed sections today; one on a proper circuit and one on a Go-Kart track. We did OK on the first and very good on the second. We received no late penalties today, so we will probably maintain our 7th Place in post-WW II sports cars and 2nd in our class. We'll get the results tonight at the banquet.

We had a long ride through Lima to get to our hotel. At last a proper city in Peru. Lima is the capitol city and has about 1/3 of the entire population of the country living in or around the city....about 11M people. Our hotel, the Country Club Hotel, is a beautiful building constructed in the 1920's, but totally remodeled inside to provide a 5-Star quality hotel. It sits on a bluff overlooking the Pacific. The drive up the Coast Road looked very much like the drive up Pacific Coast Highway through Santa Monica and Malibu -- a coast road with big beautiful homes on the adjacent bluff overlooking the ocean. Very nice indeed.

A couple of quick takes on the rally/trip:
  1. Machu Picchu is a must see!!! 
  2. Nazca Lines are fascinating! 
  3. Of the three countries we visited, Chile was unexpectedly impressive. People there seemed more satisfied with their lives. 
  4. I was surprised at how poor Peru was. 
  5. Argentina has all the resources to be great; they just need to figure out how to govern            themselves from the middle.
  6. I didn't realize that so much of the middle of So. America was desert....the Atacama Desert. 
  7. Found the Andes completely beautiful. 
  8. My favorite car continues to be a Porsche -- tough, dependable, agile and fast in the corners. 
  9. As I admitted to Ilene, these long endurance rallies get a little harder as I get older.....not much I can do about that, if I want keep up the adventure. 
  10. I appreciate the support of my wife, Ilene, during these rallies. I know that she does not particularly like my being gone for 30 days, but I have to admit that she was very supportive each night that I called home to report the day's activities. 
So Sport's Fans, this will be my last posting on the Rally of the Incas (although I'll try to add some pictures later). We'll be back in late May when we will spend two weeks rallying from Denmark, through Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and finishing in Berlin, Germany.

As Bugs Bunny used to say at the end of the cartoon......"That's All Folks."