AKC Competition Classes

Novice - The Novice class teaches attention and handling to the dog and owner working on all of the exercises needed for a Companion Dog Title. Emphasis is put on learning the rules for this level of competition as well as practicing all of the exercises with distractions and making both the dog and handler confident with what they are doing. Lot's of fun exercises are used to work on attention while heeling, the stay exercises and the recalls. Group participation is used to work on the Stand for Exam so that all of the dogs are comfortable with being handled by lots of different people.Some beginning retrieving work is also taught in this class. Dogs MUST know basic heeling, recalls, and stays to be in this class.

Beginning Open - Teaching your dog the proper way to jump, retrieve and learn the drop on recall as well as doing stays with your dog out of sight is all part of the Beginning Open class. We continue to work on heeling off lead and talk about the AKC Rules that go along with competing in the Open Class. Dogs MUST know the basics from the Novice class to be in this class, they do not have to have their CD.

Open - In this Open class the dogs can all complete the exercises needed for a Companion Dog Excellent title but need to work on consistency in a busy environment. This class is made challenging as we prepare the dog for competition.

Beginning Utility - Utility is one of the hardest levels of obedience yet, I believe the most fun! Students need to have the basics of the Open exercises in order to start. Scent articles are needed as well as gloves. There are alot of exercises in Utility so time is spent breaking them down giving the handler and dog have a good idea of each one before getting too involved in the next. The signal exercise, moving stand, and go outs are also taught stressing the importance of practicing at home as well as in class. This class is LIMITED to 4 students.

Utility - In this Utility class the dogs can complete the Utility exercises but need to polish and work on handling with distractions. Each dog is run thru all of the Utility exercises as they would do at a dog show.

*** To enroll in one of the Competition Classes please contact Linda for class time and availability.All Competition Classes are 7 weeks long and each night is 1 - 11/2 hrs long. The cost is $75 for 7 weeks