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Advanced Beginners

Advanced Beginner's offers your dog a chance to make new friends and continue to practice the exercises we started in Beginner's class. This is also a 7 week class meeting once a week for an hour, the cost is $80 for 7 weeks.

1. Off Lead Heeling - Teaching the dog to walk slow and move quickly or do a fast is emphasized as a way to teach the dog to pay better attention on and off lead. A figure 8 is also taught as well as other fun heeling exercises.

2. Stays - Both the Sit and Down Stay are practiced off lead extending the time the dog stays.

3. Stand for Exam - This exercise helps with trips to the vet, grooming, and teaching the dog to let people come and pet him without him jumping up on them.

4. Recall - Teaching the dog to always "wait" until called, sitting when he gets to us and learning how to do a "finish" is taught in this class. Lots of distractions are offered to make sure the dog understands what we are trying to teach him.

We teach exercises in this class that lay the groundwork for someone that might want to go on and do Competitive Obedience or go on and do agility with their dog.

Class is limited to 10 dogs.