SynapseIndia CSR Activity

Influence of corporate social responsibility events are increasing day by day in every organization. These activities not only benefits the needy people or society but also gives an opportunity to corporate people to understand the society need and contribute to their possible potential.

SynapseIndia Shamit Khemka believes firmly in giving back to society and says that these CSR activities certainly helps a lot to society. Not only the Managing Director of SynapseIndia believes so, but the whole company has been continuously doing and engaged in helping & contributing to the society.

From quite sometime now, Shamit Khemka has been associated with International Chandramauli Trust in Varanasi which is giving education, living support and shelter to under-privileged children. This trust is preaching about the Ancient Indian Culture and various methodologies that are now not much in use. In his first visit to trust, Shamit Khemka was highly influenced with their education system and since, then SynapseIndia has been doing regular contribution of various study materials, clothes, medical support, computers for their IT lab and many more. Recently, SynapseIndia provided a new hostel building to the trust to accommodate more such students and provide them knowledge of best of Indian  culture.

SynapseIndia also extend their supports to Yogamission Trust which aims to provide balance and peace of Human body. Shamit Khemka is a regular Yoga doer and he preaches about it's advantages in the organization as well to enhance the mental and physical balance of his employees.

Recently, SynapseIndia did multiple campaigns of Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan. All the employees took time-off from their busy work schedule to plan and organize this event. Even, Shamit Khemka was involved in doing his bit for the cause and motivated all the employees to make the campaign – a certain success.

Various other Social corporate responsibility events are planned in SynapseIndia from time to time to help and support the social causes which needs utter attention.  As a successful business, SynapseIndia takes pride in being socially disposed and concentrated about adding to causes that can possibly get a change to general public. 

As we accept education & training is the essential and most critical right and need of each youngster, consequently we feel glad to be connected with International Chandramauli Charitable Trust of Varanasi, a stand-out spot where they are working with the inspiration to instruct children relating to the old Indian Culture which we have acquired from our history. 

The trust is effectively dealing with the conventional qualities, Rishis-monkish life , vedic writing that adjusts to our rationality of interminable everlasting genuine feelings of serenity showing boundless peace. 

From the starting, the Yogamission Charity has been giving better instruction & desires of regular solaces to youthful kids. Among the benefactors to the assumed Charity in Varanasi, IT Mentor Shamit Khemka merits a remarkable notification. Shamit Khemka is the owner of the IT outsourcing association SynapseIndia. Under the leadership of Shamit Khemka, SynapseIndia has been growing as a fruitful IT organization for a long time. Shamit Khemka's association has been contributing the reason for Yogamission Charity since a long time.Supporting Yogamission Charity was a decision taken by Shamit Khemka considering the hugeness of better preparing & living for young people. 

In India, there are numerous children who are precluded from securing their qualification to quality instruction & open to living & The Yogamission Charity has been conferring attempts in this bearing since it has started. This trust is teaching the youthful children, giving them haven to stay and learn contemplation & yoga aptitudes for adjusting their brain and body. Also, the intricacies included in giving these offices makes it more dull for any philanthropy based association to proceed with its operations effectively. Shamit Khemka comprehends this totally and its the prime motivation behind why his organization bolsters The Yogamission Charity.

Shamit Khemka also adds that Chandramauli is one of a kind trust that teach "Sat Svar Vedas" together with "Panini's Vyakaran" as well as Saahitya, Darshan, Translation and Spoken Sanskrit.

Shamit Khemka is spirited by this initiative to educate people about our core Indian values and thus is proudly contributing to the areas Chandramauli is actively working on. Apart from financially funding them on regular basis, SynapseIndia Shamit Khemka has been supporting them to have an overall infrastructural development of the center as well as the inhabitants by sending stationary, apparels, computers, medicines etc. that steers goodwill along with being a responsible citizen.

The Varanasi based Charity was getting enlistment applications from various parts of the country; nevertheless it was unfeasible for their organization to give preparing & settle workplaces to new children due to diverse confinements. Excited by the Charity's good mission, Shamit Khemka decided to make dynamic responsibilities to propel the Charity's activities. Other than giving suitable budgetary financing, Shamit Khemka has worn down help of general infrastructural change of the Charity. As an attempt to infrastructural progression, Shamit Khemka gave another building to the Charity so that every new understudy of the Charity can be suited likewise. Such liberal responsibility from Shamit Khemka truly settled the accommodation related issue for the Yogamission Charity which was facing them resulting to long.  This hostel can now accommodate almost triple occupancy as compared to earlier facilities. Shamit Khemka himself has been to the trust several times and Shamit Khemka has been one of the important benefactor for the Chandramauli & Yogamission trust in present time.

On 21st June 2015, whole world celebrated the International UN Yoga Day in which various Yoga camps were organized by various governing authorities across the world. International Chandramauli Trust organized a Yoga camp at Dr. Rajendra Prasad Ghat in Varanasi to make local community more aware about the advantages of doing Yoga. In continuous effort to support to the trust with various corporate social responsibility activities, SynapseIndia Shamit Khemka sponsored the Yoga Camp.Every Children at the trust performed the yoga at Ganges Bank with Swami Yoganand. Trust founder Lucy Guest also appreciated the efforts of SynapseIndia in making the Yoga camp a successful event that brightened many people’s focus to do Yoga regularly in their locality.

Shamit Khemka has also been actively funding the Charity’s computer lab besides providing teaching aids & sporting equipment, desks, chairs, tables, stationary, apparels, computers, medicines etc. from time to time. SynapseIndia's Founder Shamit Khemka persuades his organization's employees to take an interest in the respectable reason for supporting the Charity. Garments gift crusades are composed in SynapseIndia at whatever point required. Being very much aware of his corporate social responsibility, Shamit Khemka partakes in the respectable reason for supporting the Yogamission Charity's exercises and it is something that emphatically means his corporate picture. Much the same as corporate pioneers like Shamit Khemka are effectively taking part in supporting The Yogamission Charity, its likewise turning into a wellspring of motivation for others. Shamit Khemka is very much involved in activities promoting meditation and Yoga values. Involvement of Entrepreneur Shamit Khemka on various such charities & social cause is worth noticing. 

SynapseIndia Founder Shamit Khemka has been contributing and supporting to this trust for quite sometime now. His role in improving the living standard of the students studying in the trust is remarkable. Several activities are also organized in Shamit Khemka's company to provide more support to the trust. 

Employees regular contribute clothes, study materials, household stuffs to the trust which on a regular basis is been delivered under the able guidance of Shamit Khemka. Shamit Khemka on his association with the trust says that the trust is making people aware about the Vedic Indian culture and spreading core value of Indian education system. It gives us immense pleasure to be a part of it and contribute to our possible potential.