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Chances are you never thought you'd find a website created together by an Evangelical Christian from the United States and a Muslim from Damascus, Syria.  Truthfully, we never expected to be such great friends.  Our differences were too vast! 

The Middle East & The West

Arab & American

Muslim & Christian

Shami & Southern

 Certainly Syrians and Americans could get along and be polite, but actually be friends?  That's a bit far-fetched, isn't it?  

 Well, nothing is impossible with God, and firmly believing that God brought us together for a reason, we created this site as a way for you to get to know both of our worlds.  

 Additionally, we want everyone to know that you can get along with people very different than you are.  You can have a tender and compassionate heart for people you've never talked to face to face.  We are proof of that! 

We thank God for this opportunity to share, and we thank you for visiting our site.







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