... TO  Shamanism, Heathenism and Spirituality


My hope is to enrich with your contributions my own views of what is an everyday, normal, socially integrated spirituality. We all know how much difficult is to live an active life, that is, raise our children, possibly even leave a spouse, take on a job etc. AND, simultaneously, achieve a deep spirituality, a high level of conscience etc.

My own thinking brought me to produce the following texts presented here under the title “Motivations.”


We describe here a truly holistic spirituality, ‘truly holistic’ because it is grounded in all the human character compounds, including our body. Our views are presented here as split up in three groups that are made independent for the sake of clarity. The first one deals with the problem of acknowledging and ‘meeting’ our soul. The second one observes the way our body interacts with our spirituality. The third summarizes what existing religions did or should do for helping us to manage the relationship between our body and our soul.

A complete understanding asks for reading these three parts, though in any order, depending on your wish.

I have to warn you that the second part, in its present state, alludes only to its topic: Why and how pay respect to our body?

It will be completed later, perhaps as an answer to your questions/remarks.