Shaman Drums (also called Buffalo drums) come in several different sizes. The most commonly used are 16" drums. They come in two types: 
    Animal Skins, and 
    REMO artificial skins.

Animal Skin Drums commonly of Goat or Elk, are preferred by some for their sound, and some are a little less expensive. 
However, they are strongly affected by relative humidity and tend to lose their voice in low or high humidity. Water or sunlight or hair dryer can be used to restore their voice. 

REMO brand drums have artificial skins of man-made material. They are preferred  by many practitioners because they hold their voice in all levels of humidity and temperature.

Both types of drums and rattles may be obtained on-line or on E-Bay. A known supplier in Ascutney, VT is Sunreed Instruments. They have an extensive on-line catalog of many sound instruments.


Sandra Ingerman worked closely with Michael Harner,  PhD, for years.  She helped to flush out the new Foundation for Shamanic Studies, (FSS) and developed a specialty in soul  retrievals.  Sandra now is a Shaman in private practice.  She also holds an MA in Counseling Psychology and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  Sandra has authored several books on Shamanism, and teaches many workshops on Shamanism around the world.

For an easy introduction to Shamanic Drum Journeying, I recommend Sandra's short book, Shamanic Journeying - A Beginners Guide.  It comes with a CD of Shamanic drumming which includes the Call-Back at the end.

The basic text on Shamanism is Michael Harner's The Way of the Shaman.  His latest book (2013) is Cave and Cosmos.  

I recommend joining the Foundation for Shamanic Studies

They have an excellent annual journal which includes a listing of Shamanic Practitioners and another of Drum Circles available around the US and the world.  Both with phones numbers and/or emails.  You will also receive listings of FSS's hundreds of trainings offered each year around the US and the world.

Living Treasurers - FSS provides financial support to the quite  old remaining Shamans in former communist block countries in which Shamanism was forbidden for many years.  Most Shamans were killed.  This support allows those surviving Shamans, whom Michael calls Living Treasurers, to spend all their time teaching and guiding new Shamans in their area of the  world.