Shamanism - Living Shamanically

Living Shamanically" - What does that mean?
Everything is alive and has a consciousness; though it often differs 
from yours.

Everything is connected and is aware; we are not alone.

     Plants, rocks, land, sky, clouds, wind, water, structures, all creatures,
    seen & unseen  -  All share our world and deserve our respect.

The invisible world, Non-Ordinary Reality, is as real as Ordinary Reality.

Non-Ordinary Reality is outside of space and time.

Nothing ever happens by chance.

Everything you see, hear or experience, even fleetingly, in a Drum
Journey has meaning.

We are spiritual beings, temporarily housed in a physical body. 

We are here to learn lessons.  Everyone and Everything is your teacher.

There are no limitations to the Self except those we create and believe.

It is impossible to act contrary to your self-image - but you can enlarge 

It is impossible to act contrary to your beliefs - but you can change 

Life is not fair or unfair.  It is just Life.  S___ happens!

Happiness is the result of Living in Gratitude.

Acceptance is one of our most powerful gifts:

    Anything you resist, will persist and grow stronger. 
    Anything you accept to be exactly the way it is, will, in that instant
    lose its power over you.


We Project onto others what we do not like in ourselves.
        Therefore, other people's words and behavior are usually about 
        them, not about you!

What "other people" think of you is none of your business.

Add joy to your life - Cease Having Expectations for how other people 
'should' act.
        Expectations are just resentments under construction.  
        Your resentments hurt YOU!

We all have DECISION POWER. Make an irrevocable decision to DO
something, not to TRY to do it, but to DO it, and you WILL do it. 
      As Yoda said:   '"TRY NOT!  DO, or DO NOT!  THERE IS NO TRY!"

When you make an Irrevocable Decision to do something, THEN:
THE UNIVERSE MOVES TO SUPPORT YOU ....  In ways you could never 
have imagined.    The Universe wants you to live successfully.

When facilitating a healing, be thankful and you will become part of 
the gift.