Rajahmundry – India

VISION: To train the committed young and send them into the un-reached and interior villages to preach the Gospel of JESUS, save souls and plant churches. To train and support 1000 missionaries; even more, God willing.

STRATEGY: One dollar a day either to train or support a missionary – $30 per one Missionary family.

NEED: Presently the Indian government doesn’t allow foreign missionaries and we believe that our Lord constrains the nationals to take over the responsibility of evangelism in India. However we invite you to visit us as short time missionaries and you are welcome.


Old Testament:

  1. Introduction of 39 books
  2. Pentateuch
  3. Old Testament History
  4. Wisdom and poetry books
  5. Prophets – major and minor

New Testament:

  1. Introduction of 27 books
  2. Life and teachings of Jesus
  3. Parallels of 4 gospels
  4. Epistels – Pauline & General
  5. New Testament History – Early church until today


  1. Theology
  2. Christology
  3. Biblical – Christian doctrines
  4. Missiology – missionary movements – missionaries
  5. Ecclesiology – vision of the church
  6. Eschatology – Revelation
  7. Soteriology – assurance of salvation
  8. Indian church history
  9. Discipleship – call & commission
  10. Major Religions – Christianity
  11. Pastoralia & Homiletics
  12. Evangelism Explosion
  13. Authenticity of the Bible
  14. Covenants – God & men
  15. Stewardship – setting goals
  16. Christian Home – holiness Christian Marriages
  17. Children, youth, women, film & different ministries

Please uphold us that our Lord continues to strengthen us and supply all the needs of the ministry.
We thanks you for all your prayers, love and concern for our missionary vision in India. May the Lord JESUS bless you all.

Vijay K.Y Thadanki, Executive Director