Co:Writer Pilot


Welcome to the SCUSD Special Education 
Co:Writer and Snap & Read Pilot!

Here is the link to the Don Johnston Website so you can watch a demo of both programs in action!

Resources & Links:
SCUSD Teachers please click here for more in-depth How-To Videos on the District Intranet Site (Must be logged into your District Google Account for access to the SpEd Intranet)
Educator Dashboard - Add students and monitor use
Bookshare - Email Shalla to set up an account

Reading Samples

“The traffic was moving about the speed of a government” 
― Barbara KingsolverThe Bean Trees

“We do have some strong traditions of community in the United States, but it’s interesting to me that our traditionally patriotic imagery in this country celebrates the individual, the solo flier, independence. We celebrate Independence Day; we don’t celebrate We Desperately Rely on Others Day. Oh, I guess that’s Mother’s Day [laughter]. It does strike me that our great American mythology tends to celebrate separate achievement and separateness, when in fact nobody does anything alone.” 
― Barbara KingsolverThe Bean Trees