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I'm a freelance writer, the author of Vegan Paradise, and a vegan/lifestyle coach, and sometime-caterer. I have a pre-med/psychology degree from U.C. Berkeley, and much experience in veganism and alternative mental health. I am also trained as a special educationteacher, am a Reiki II practitioner, and have a certificate in alternative mental health counseling. All of this has obviously given me years of experience with helping people become the best that they can be. I have conducted many  Deep Psychology classes and vegan workshops and cooking classes. Throughout my work, I promote the Vegan Paradise Paradigm, the idea that our natural world and our bodies are intelligently and benignly designed, and that we must respect the wisdom of Mother Nature and live accordingly. The example at hand is to understand the way we were designed to eat--at the most basic level, we were designed to eat plants and plant-derived foods, not animals or animal products--and we must choose our foods accordingly. (See the page, "The Vegan Paradise Paradigm", or my blog at  for more.)
Please buy my book, Vegan Paradise. I print my book on recycled paper, but I can't say the same for the online publishers. For more information about the book, click on the link "The Vegan Paradise Paradigm". Please pay me through Paypal, below, or ask me to send it C.O.D.; please put your address and how many books you want into the payment notation window (or email it to me at so that I can send you the book ASAP (wait-time may be 2-6 weeks). Payment includes taxes and shipping--$14.00 or more donation requested! 
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