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Let’s make it a better world

After working as a journalist in philanthropy for 4 months, my life is filled with numerous joy and happiness to witness so many wonderfully charitable deeds and know so many amazing people.

Charity is never easy. Charity is not a luxury. It’s not about how much money you donate, but how much effort you have put in to make someone else’s life slightly better. More amazingly, those people I interviewed are all overwhelmed by peace, calmness and gratitude.

Magically, their beautiful mind has planted a seed in my heart. It appeaces me. It keeps growing day by day. I have never felt more blessed ever before.

A 26-year-old American girl, cofounded a microloan website to help Chinese rural women. She never have payment since the day she started. A HongKong girl gave up 140 000 annul salary to come to volunteer with her. She said, “Life is to give those who have few chances an opportunity to develope themselves.” (

An American father started a website to let every individual have a platform to create a charitable cause. He wanted to empower individual to do good. Working 70 hours a week, he has a big ambition. “I want to change the world.” (

A newly graduated UK master student, who was a Hong Kong immigrant, started an NGO to collect surplus food to remake into nutrious food and spread it to the poor. He said, “I am happy everyday.”(

A HK borned UK woman founded an NGO to help Chinese rural immigrant women by teaching them drama. She thinks art is an important tool to empower these women to help them find a better position in society. She romantically told me that,”Art is everywhere in our life.”(

A 50-year-old Hong Kong business man imported Dialog In the Dark which is a dark exhibition to let people experience the real life of the blind. He is also aiming to raise the social awareness that blind people are no different than anyone else, and they are equally capable and talented. He patiently told me that, “The person who benefits most from all these charitable work is me myself. My life has never been so peaceful.” (

The violinist, the CEO, the UK lady, the biker…There are too many to name. However, no matter talking with whom, I can always find one thing in common among all these people which is their joyful smile and torlerate attitude. The world is different in their eyes, and life is a happy journey by helping others.

Perhaps we are unable to change the entire world, but making one’s life a little bit better is something accessible. I have seen how a small candy could cheer up a rural child and how a simple smile was able to encourage them. I have also witnessed how a handicapped person earned for social respect, and how a small deed can change their life. But all in all, I have experienced how magnificent the love of God is.

I thank God for giving me this chance to work with these people. I thank God for giving me so many good friends to help me out every time. I thank God for sparing me from diseases and accidents, and giving me food, water and shelter. My problems and worries are trifles comparing with what I already have. Oh Lord, I am thankful everyday. Even if I am not as good as what I should be, nor what I could be. But Lord, I am better than what I used to be. I will sort out all my problems someday. I will have the answers to my searching someday. I am no longer worried or agitated or restless, because I know God will give me what I want, but in his time.

To quot from one of my interviewees, “You have to do something to let this world be a better place because of you.”