Table of Contents

Chapters 1—24, Appendices A—H, Works Cited & Consulted, & Index


Secrets of

the Sonnets




Book 1

by Peter Jensen

Published by 

Walking Bird Press in Eugene, Oregon USA  

March 2007

NOTE: There's an old, 2004 pdf copy of my ms. on the web, but it has many flaws and is missing many parts. Please consider that draft web rot! If this subject interests you, you need my book.




#. Chapter Title of Book 1 (2007) not Book 2 (2009)           

1. Long Interest & Discovery of Code                                    

2. Shakespeare’s Time & His Need for Code                                            

3. Shakespeare: Great User of Sources                                                   

4. Rhetorical Figures & Real Secret Code                                               

5. The Code: Name Puns, Doublets, Letters, Numbers                    

6. The Author’s Name: Will                                                                  

7. The Youth’s Name: Henry                                                                     

8. The Dark Lady and Her Name                                                                 

9. Aemilia Bessano Lanyer as the Dark Lady                                          

10. 17 Code Lines Containing “Name” in 14 Sonnets                      

11. Backyard & Horse Riding Code: Scenes from Life                      

12. The Rival Poet’s Name: Kit                                              

13. Two Interlocking Triangles                                                                

14. Will’s Wife Anne in Code                                                                     

15. Anne & Henry & Will                                                                              

16. Minor Characters: Greene, De Vere, & W. H.                                  

17. Literary Time Frame: Summer Time Sun & Moon                        

18. The Maze of Time: The Shape of the Globe Theater                      

19. Problems of the Calendar & Real Heavenly Bodies                      

20. “The Man in the Moon is a Lady”                                                   

21. Reading Sonnets in Pairs                                                                       

22. Guessing at Shakespeare’s Timeline                                               

23. Reading Protocols: More Work to be Done                                   

24. Names and Code in the Plays and Other Poems                              

Appendix A. List of Possible Code Words in All Sonnets              

Appendix B.    Sonnet Numbers & Their Positions                             

Appendix C. The Alignment of the Globe Theater (Fig. 5)            

Appendix D. Two 4 Sonnet Sequences as Triptych (Fig. 6)            

Appendix E. “A Lover’s Complaint”                                                       

Appendix F. PowerPoint Slides (Two/Page)                                         

Appendix G. “How Many People Are Hiding in Sonnet 127?”                                         

Appendix H. “Pyramus & Thisbe & Good Bad Writing in                                                                             Shakespeare’s Sonnets”                                                  

Works Cited                                                                                  

Works Consulted