aqsh-e-Sulaimani......Powerful Tantra in Islam click

                      Naqsh-e-Sulaimani......Powerful Tantra in Islam

      Naqsh-e-Sulaimani is made for common man to take advantage of the Most Powerful Tantra Powers in Islam. The Naqshes of the "Naqsh-e-sulaimani" is used for Shantikaran, Vashikaran, Uchatan, Videshan and other ilmi or ruhani usage in Islamic ilms. Naqsh-e-Sulaimani provides you protection not only against Black magic, Occults, Tantra-Mantra, Ghosts, Spirits, Aseb etc but also gives you many useful and easy naqsh to fulfill your wishes such as Vashikaran, getting married soon, coming back of missed person etc. It also provides you various Naqsh to cure from ailments. Many of naqshes are put on the arms in Tabeej or as directed by Aamil after getting them laminated. The Naqsh is basically a rectangular of square shaped islamic yantra derived from the Aayats from Pak-Quran in terms of numbers as well as words including Names of Allah-Pak or other prophets.

     In all the religions, the Islamic tantra usage are known as the most powerful ilms in the world. Though the major language in Islam is Urdu but here basically English and Hindi are used so that every person around the globe may understand it easily. Every letter of Urdu is a Isme-Azam or Beej Mantra. If these letters are used properly, their effect is the most powerful one. You can complete your many wishes from just to Japa/chant them. CLICK HERE to know more.

     Naqsh-e-Sulaimani also tells you about the importance of various name of Allah-pak. Every name of Allah has its own specific power and can be used to fulfill our wishes like to protect from evil, illness, poverty, protection from enemy or animal, to achieve parenthood, getting lover back by Vashikaran or for name, fame and prosperity etc. CLICK HERE to know more.

       Naqsh-e-Sulaimani also provides you Islamic Istikhara (Khawabnama tabeer), Phaalnama (knowing destiny or future) and Islamic remedies to eradicate the problems. It gives you guidance to get success in all respects in your life. You are lucky one that you are here in the feet of Islam. Use the various Naqsh of 'Naqsh-e-Sulaimani' to come your dreams true.

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The Names of Allah and their importance or effects



          Every name of Allah-pak has its own impact and can be used for different purposes related to humanity. The Japa of any name of Allah is a powerful tool to fulfill our different wishes. Your every problem gets solved automatically. Now the question arises that which name to be japa for which purpose and what will be the entire procedure. Here various names of Allah described in Islam are being given with their power and effect.

ALLAHU : This isme-azam is carrying many unlimited powers in itself. Every wish will get fulfilled and it protects from problems, ailments and gives you success. Basically, this name is used to uproot evil. It gives dead-shot protection to the person, chanting it.

AR-RAHMANU : The almighty bestowed the one, who chant it 100 times after Namaz, with His blessings and obstacles get removed surprisingly.

AR-RAHIMU : If a poor man chants it 500 times daily, he gradually will become rich. Tabeej of this name in neck will make the things easy.

AL-MOKHIR : The utmost japa of this name will protect the one from every evil and bad deeds.

AL-MALIKU : One who chant this name one hundred and thirty times at noon, Allah-pak will change evil in his heart into goodness. It is particularly for physically purification to get into metaphysical world.

AL-KUDDUSU : It is basically used for Vashikaran. If a sweet energized with this name by 300 times is given even to enemy, he will become your friend. Besides it, this creates Vashikaran if japa for one hundred and seventy times daily in one turn.

AL-AZIZU : The japa of this word forty-one times daily for forty days regularly brings prosperity and fame.  Besides it, chanting of this name 300 times daily will destroy your enemy.

AL-KHAALIKU : If you are going out for any important task, japa this for 300 times. You will get success.

AL-BAARIU : This is a special Isme-Azam. Chanting it more and more will give you success in all works.

AL-MUSAVVIRU : If a lady facing progeny issues (still with no child) do fast daily for seven days and Iftar with water and after Iftar read this kalima for 21 times with full faith, she will get pregnant and soon be a mother.

AL MU-ATI : One who chant this kalima for 100 times daily at night gets his every wish fulfilled and he will be successful.

ASSALAMU : If this Kalima is read loudly thirty-nine times sitting towards head of a patient, he will recover soon.

AL-WAHABU : Chanting of this word more and more will bring money and his prayer is also accepted.

AL-GAFFARU : If one chants it one-hundred times after Jume-Namaz, his economical conditions will surprisingly improved and he will get money.

AL MU-IJJU : One gets name and fame increased if he chants it at least 140 times after Isha-Namaz. Even enemies become friends and all wishes get completed.

AL-KHAAFIJU : The biggest specialty of this name is that if one chants it always, he will not get troubles anyway and his all enemies will get destroyed.

AL- MUZILLU : If one makes a prayer in Sazda after reading it 75 times, he will be safe from butchers and enemies.

AL RAFE-U If one reads it 100 times after Asra Namaz daily, his poverty is removed.

AL ALIMU : If one chants this name 1000 times daily after two Rakat, he will know the future and will be able to know other’s mind.

AL BAASITU : Just after getting up in the morning, move your hands on face reading this. Your all the prayers will be accepted.

AL KAABIZU : Write it on the bread and eat it. Do so for 40 days continuously. You will never be starved and poverty will get removed.

AL BASIRU : If one chant it 100 times after Jume-Namaz, his heart will get rid of all evils and he will do work in the interest of humanity.

AL HAKIMU : One who reads it daily will get all his needs fulfilled. Chanting it more and more on Jume night will make you rich and famous.

ASSMIU : Allah accepts prayers of one who reads it. His prayer is accepted if read this name 100 times daily.

AL ADLU : One, who reads it more and more, gets rid of all difficulties.

AL LATIFU : Read it 100 times to fulfill any desire. If parents read it after each Namaz, their daughter will get married soon to a nice family.

AL HAKMU : This is a special Isme-Azam. One who reads it always gets name & fame and even his enemy will become his friends.

AL FATTAAHU : If one reads it 71 times after Namaz-e-Fazr keeping his hands on his chest, his all difficulties will get solved and his business will go up and thus increase.

AL KHABIRU : Chanting this name for seven days in maximum numbers will gives you powers to know undisclosed facts. Further, to be continue with it for 40 days will make the one powered to know other's mind.

AL MOMINU : Reading this name more and more will set you from all fears and you will get protection from ghosts, unwanted spirits or enemies.

AL MUHY-MINU: One who reads it 300 times daily will be safe from all evils and other bad super-natural powers.

AL MUTAKB-BIRU : If one chants it 10 times before sexual-intercourse with his wife, he will surely get Male-child.

AL KAHAARU : If one is occulted or cast black-magic, make the water filled inchini utensil energized with this kalima and give him to drink. The use of occult or black magic will get removed.

AL RAZZAAKU : Make a blow of this mantra 10 times each in every corner of the house before Namaz-e-Fazr. Note that start this process from the corner which is situated towards Kabbah Sarif. This use makes the business increased.

AL AZIMU : Reading this kalima repeatedly or having been drunk the water after writing and washing it gives rid of all ailments.

AL JABBARU : If someone has illness related to stomach, ask him to drink the water energized with this name. He will get rid of that illness. Besides it, chanting this name more and more gives popularity.

AL BADI-U : If one chants it at least 70 times after each Namaz, all obstacles in the way to his success, will get removed.

AL WARISU : Chant this name 100 times in the morning at the time of rising the Sun, his all wishes will get completed.

AL BAKI-U : Read it 1000 times daily from the core of your heart. Poverty will get removed and you will become well-being.

AL GAFURU : Write this name on a white paper. Wash it and give this water to the patient for drinking. He will recover. If one is caught by cold, write this name of bread and eat it. Insha-allah, he will be fine.

AL HAADI-U : Repeatedly chanting this name promote one towards good deeds and he gets interest in the return of Allah-pak.

AL MANI-U:  One who chants this name will stay away from evil. If there is no love between husband and wife anyway and if anyone of them japa it for 100 times daily, they will be in love again.

AL KABIRU: Chanting this word more and more make one successful in ilms. If any eatable energized with it is given someone to eat then he/she will start loving you.

AL HAFIZU: Anyone who reads this name at least 1000 times daily will be safe from every evil.

AL AALIYYU: If one reads it after each Namaz, he will get name and fame.

AL NAFI-U: This word means the one who gives profit. A businessman or any professional, if japa it at the time of his/her business/job, will get higher increment in his income, business or profession.

MUKITU: If a Rozedar is given some sand in terms of earth after writing or reading this name on it, he/she will get food-energy. Moreover if the water, taken at the time of journey is energized reading it seven times, is used to drink, the entire journey will be safe.

AN NURU: One who reads this holy name after Isha-Namaz will get His light by heart and his all incomplete will get finished.

AS-SHAKURU: Chanting of this name everyday removes poverty and starvation.

AL AAKHIRU: One who chants this name will get into heaven.

AL HASIBU: Whenever you are in leisure, chant this name. You will get rid of all obstacles in the way to your success.

AL JALILU: Duly write this name on a white paper then he/she will not get troubles anyway and everybody will meet him/her happily.

AL MAJIDU: One who japa this name remains safe from all diseases. If this name is written and given to a wounded man after washing, he will get well soon.

AL JAAMI-U: If a thing gets lost or a member of the family goes away from home, chant this Kalima continuously. By God grace, the lost thing will get recovered and the missed person will come back.

AL KARIMU: Chanting this name gives fame and popularity.

AL SHAHIDU: When a thing is lost, write this name on the four corners of a white paper and the name of the lost thing in the centre of the paper. Fold this paper properly and keep it with you safely. By God grace, the thing will get found.

AL HAYYU: One who chants this name more and more gets long life.

AL WAAJIDU: The japa of this name gives increment in earning or money. Further, its japa increases your reputation in the society.

AL MAAJIDU: If a patient reads it after each iftar keeping fast of ayyaame baiz, he will get will soon.

AL KAYYOOMU: Reading this name again and again brings physical power and destroy laziness.

AL KADIRU: Read two rak-at namaz and then read this name 100 times. You will get power. If this name is read after vazoo, impact on enemy gets increased.

AL AVVALOO: One who reads this name at least 100 times daily gets all his wishes fulfilled.

AL WALIYU: Read this name 1000 times on jume night. Your all difficulties will get ended.

AZ-Zahiru: One who reads this name at least 333 times daily will be getting his knowledge increased day by day.

ASSMADU: If one reads this name 125 times daily, his business will get increased amazingly and works that are pending will get completed.

AL VADUDU: Energize the food after reading it 1000 times and take meals with your wife. Your love will get increased and she will be faithful you forever.

AL WASIU: Reading this name more and more times brings a lot of money and you become rich & a well-being family.

AL RA-UFU: One who reads this name will destroy each and every trick or use of his enemy.

AL GANIYYU: Reading this name more and more times will bring you name, fame and prosperity.

AL MUKSITU: One who reads this name 100 times daily will be safe from ghosts, aseb and other bad supernatural powers.

AL MUGHNIU: One who reads this name 1000 times daily gets his poverty over. Keeping this name at the time of having sex increase your wife's sexual power & desires.

AL MUJIBU: One who reads this daily at least 70 times, Allah-pak accepts his all prayers (Dua).

AL RAQEEBU: If you lost a thing, chant this name keeping your desire in mind. You will get your thing back. If a pregnant lady is energized with it, her pregnancy will be safe.

AL VAKILU: One who reads this name every time will always be safe and leads a happy life.

AL BAAISU: One who reads this name 100 times on his chest at the time of sleeping gets his heart filled with happiness and he will get success in his each work.

AL KAVIYYU: If a person with weaker heart will read this name more and more, he will become powerful and courageous.

AL VALIYYU: Chanting this name every time will make you safe in all respects and you will be infused to do good deeds in the name of Allah.

AL MUHSIYU: Take 20 breads (Roti, Chapati). Get them all energized reading this name 20 times on each. Everyone who will eat these breads will be in love with you.

AL MU-IDU: If your near and dear one is missing, read this 1000 times daily keeping his picture or name in your mind. He will come back safely.

AL AH-DU: If a patient is energized reading it 500 times, he will get well soon.

AL MUQATDIRU: One who reads this name will be safe from all bad supernatural powers. Chanting this name brings freshness in you.

AL MUQADDIMU: Read it more and more if going to a court of justice or on war. You will win.

ATT-VVABU: Read this name 10 times and blow on the name of your enemy written on a paper. He will get destroyed.

ASSBOORU: One who reads this name 100 times daily before sunrise, he will be safe from all troubles and difficulties.

AL BARI-UL MUSVVIRU: This is a special isme azam. One who reads this name will be safe in all respects. His all wishes will be fulfilled and he will get popularity. If a lady having progeny issues is given energized water reading it 111 times daily up to 21 days continuously, inshah allah, she will get her child soon.

AR RAHMAN AR RAHIM: If water energized with name is given to the roots of a tree, its numbers increased. If this water is given to a person to drink, he will be in love with the user.

AL HALIMU: Chanting this name more and more times gives name, fame and prosperity. You become enough rich and gets respect in the society. If an animal is energized with this, it will be safe.

BISMILLAH-HIR-RAHMAN-NIR-RAHEEM: This name of allah is much powerful and effective. It gives success in all respects and protects you everywhere.

AL KHAIRU: One who reads this name 1000 times daily gets his all senses under control.

AL MATINU: if a weak person reads it more and more, he will become powerful.


BY: Khan Sahab.

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