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Step-by-Step Fundraising Tactics from the NYC Legend Who Raised $750M     http://firstround.com/review/step-by-step-fundraising-tactics-from-the-nyc-legend-who-raised-750m/


To all first time founders:

  1. There is so much you don’t know and you should be okay with that. Approach it all with a growth mindset and ask for advice. Then actually try to synthesize and internalize all the advice. Rinse, and then repeat.
  2. As much as the world of bloggers and twitter and startup land will avoid this truth, your job as a founder is to build a business. Businesses, at the end of the day, is about building a profit machine. Revenue, unit economics, competitive advantage, economies of scale - all these things should be part of your thinking. You don’t have to know all the answers on day one, but there will be a reckoning if you put them off too long.
  3. Raising money is not success, nor is it even the ideal thing. The most successful entrepreneurs I know are the ones who build a small profitable business, and then grew it to a large profitable business. They then owned 100% of a profitable business. That’s a really good thing. That should be your goal, and raising money is a middling scenario for when you unfortunately need to scale fast to succeed. It’s a deal with the devil, and it adds a lot of risk to the investment you are making with your time and opportunity cost.
  4. You will make many mistakes, and you will have to get good at being okay with that. As long as you learn from them and don’t keep repeating the same mistakes, you’re doing okay.

Those are a good four, there are probably like 100 more that are rattling around somewhere in my brain, but that will have to do for now!

set expectations very high
get right ppl on the bus wrong ppl off the bus
there is no such thing as perfect but there is such thing as better
why we are doing this? for different theam member
use a stack of stuff to do, do a single one from top
"keep all eggs in one basket and take care of that"
—-focus more on what you don’t wanna do rather than what you wanna do
what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
eberuone is passionate aboue it, survive…
———just do it. , entropeinirship is about changing the world

Yesterday, you said tomorrow.
“Don't let perfection become procrastination. Do it now.” Danielle LaPorte
Next year, you'll wish you had started today.
Are they willing to pay to get that problem solved?
“Dreams don't work unless you do.”
“Believe in yourself.”
“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new.”
“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”
“Don't let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.”

displacement is the birth of innovation. there is no comfirt zone. I have changed my house 17 times, /i am not looking for comfort zone. there is only one zone. humanity zone.
Enterprise businss is about busness of busness. Capaciy to look at the big picture.
There are alot of pple know knowledgeand technolog.
you dont have to be the bwest guy, you have to hire the best guy.
As an entrprenour  my job is to organize he business
great flexibility
you don't do business with company. you do business with ppl. ppl connection. who i know
Authenticity is what we are looking for/
people are willing to deal with differences as long as you are authentic

dont start business with riends. dont back off. moment the sense of purpose is in company  they are willing to osacrifice. modest pepl of men and women around,

Love - competence: low love low competence dont start it
high love low competemce
high competence low love  dont start here
high love high competenee . if you have a business in this area. you have asame hassles as everybody else. find internsection fo loveand competence.

create value. I'm interested in creating value, market will take care of it itself.

hire right people, fire right people

lock yourself in a weekend and do it

be very detail oriented. pay attention

do you know the difference between good and GREAT. a lot of people dont

if you can not sell it to me, don't waste my time to talk about it. Im not going to work nights weeksnds for free for that what are you bringing on teh table

take an idea see if people care for it, if not change it, change it

if you already something you get a lot further than just talk

you waste my time, im not going to talk to you again-   dont be ready, give them some feedback

build a mockup website, let people there get credit card, see how many people really get to that point, then go build it.
fail small, fail cheap, fail fast
Its a lot easier to sell pain killers than to sell vitamins. is this a pain killer or is it a vitamin?????

fail fast. what you people and what peole want

business people need to be able to drill a whole see the big picture, do some work

WHEN YOU HAVE TWO LITTLE THINGS CALLED CHILDREN, PAYCHECK TAKES A WHOLE NEW MEANING. BECAUSE SOEM PEOPLE RELY ON YOU TO FEED THEM.  i quit my job (which was prettry stable), spent all our savings, took all ou rkids college money, by the way we owe my mom some money but now we have a company which can fail. can fail soon. tell these to your wife

This page contains entrepreneurial tips I hear here and there. None of these are my direct thoughts, hereby I recognize the right of the actual source of these quotes even if it is not mentioned here.


There is always more ideas than you have money.
Say no to everything else.
Focus, Focus, Focus

We don't actually look to our customers for ideas or for an assurance that what er are working on will actually be successful... we don't use focus groups. We really do look to ourselves for ideas. -- Jonathan Ive, Apple

You don't sell technology, you sell ideas, experience.


Money Matters
Focus on getting stuff done and out as fast as you can. Don't try to do many things at the same time because that way it will be harder to measure and analyze what you did. Also, doing many things in parallel will result in many half-thought features.

Name a product owner
 You should have one single person in charge of what will be done and when. When many people get to decide the end result is a mess.


You will work 8-12 hours a day working for someone else! For their dream! At your JOB...

BUT you wont work 2-4 hours a day to build YOUR own dream!

For Time Freedom which is PRICELESS!

Instead you will watch TV...

I would rather work my ass off for a few years of my life to live the rest of it like most never are able to... from http://firedmybossin90days.com/


Pricing tips
That product is $100, this is only $10
Was $150, now only $80
Value of $1500, selling for only $150
Double your price, People tend to UNDERvalue their services
As long as you don't raise the prices for old customers you don't get any complaints.