Tech in T: depth + breadth

Morteza is an executive with over 10 years of experience building effective teams and quality products.
He has built the Infrastructure, Data science and machine learning at large (Spotify, Twitter) as well as small companies (DeepIntent) driving initiatives for all services and functions enabling the delivery of the sweet spot for products. He has delivered to B2C (Twitter and Spotify) as well B2B (DeepIntent, DeepMorph). At Spotify he has been the ML lead for a new user facing feature available on 100% of Spotify's US market. At Twitter, he led the technology of a new feature pivotal to Twitter's ranking algorithm. In ad space he has been on the leadership team at DeepIntent building the infrastructure for NLP. DeepMorph was the exodus of all where he co founded a startup and built an actual product from point zero and led the execution, strategy, financing and delivery.

Mar '19: Engineer / Tech lead @ Spotify
Feb '18: Engineering Manager @ DeepIntent / PropelMedia
Aug '16: Data Science Tech lead @ Twitter, Cortex team
Jul   '16: Ph.D. defense
Apr  '16: Won
$250k funding from NIST Data Science Evaluation series, Washington DC
Nov '15: Presentation at LDBC 7th TUC at IBM TJ Watson in New York. details
Nov '15: Presentation at MIT - CSAIL Database group.
Oct  '15: Journal Paper in
Journal of Applied Remote Sensing
Sep  '15: Visiting Research Scientist @ MIT Database and NLP group
Sep  '15: Internship @ MERL Mitsubishi Research Labs (MERL): "Deep Learning for Spoken Language Understanding"
Apr  '15: Founded Deep Morph LLC in state of Florida. With first flagship product
Feb  '14: Won $750 as 
2nd place in Hoggetowne hackathon. Department news covers our win here!
Jun  '13: Big data challenge NIST TREC KBA- SSF. 45 TB text scala/java spark. Knowledge base. 

Morteza Shahriari Nia,
Apr 15, 2021, 8:55 PM