Link to my works

A page containing some of my works...

Some of my naive coding samples and articles/documents :

  • Article on IEEE1284 Bidirectional mode implementation. 
  • A very simple boot loader for our proposed instructional OS - OS71. Corresponding code and paper (published in the International Conference on Computers and Information Technology, 2004).
  • Two player AI enabled Connect 4 game - Line 'em Up in OpenGL using the AI implementation of Keith Pomakis.
  • My 4th year project report (very lengthy though) of BSc class. (Code, code integrated with web cam interface code).
  • A bipartite graph detection heuristic algorithm implementation done at stone age, when I was full of fresher's enthusiasm. C style C++ code and Java Swing application.
  • Some incomplete experimental code based on Panotools for panorama remapping  using the VIPS library to handle large panoramas. (Source code).
  • An interview with Former Bell Labs researcher Dr. Zafar Iqbal taken by me for our departmental magazine.
  • A feature on popular manual vehicle of Bangladesh - RickShaw published in the Daily Star newspaper. 

Below is the list of my scientific publications so far -

  • Dr. Md. Haider Ali, Ishrat Rahman, Mahzabeen Islam, Mohammad Shahiduzzaman, "Mathematical Morphology Based Automated Control Point Detection from Human Facial Image", in "Machine Graphics & Vision", Vol. 16, No. 1/2, 2007, pp. 153-170, (A journal published by the Polish Academy of Science). This paper is based on my B.Sc. (Honors) final year project. (pdf)
  • Roksana Akter, Mohammad Shahiduzzaman, Md. Enamul Karim, "Finding Secure Keys for RSA Algorithm through Factorization", in Proceedings of National Conference on Cryptography and Information Security, pp. 11-15, Dhaka, Bangladesh 04 November 2006. (pdf)
  • Muhammad Asif Hossain Khan, Ahammad Shafi, Mahbubul Azam Khan, Md. Minhajul Abedin, Mohammad Shahiduzzaman, Pushpita Nomani, Quazi Ashfaqur Rahman, Wahid Raihanur Rahman, "OS71: Another Instructional OS with a Perspicuous and Painless Design", in Proceedings of 7th International Conference on Computer and Information Technology, pp. 849-854, Dhaka, 26-28 December 2004. (pdf)
  • Mohammad Shahiduzzaman, Dr. Md. Haider Ali, "Robust Image Completion Using Improved Exemplar Based Method", submitted for publication in "Image and Vision Computing" (A journal published by the Elsevier B.V.). This paper is based on my M.S. thesis. (pdf)

And here is my resume