Fata Morgana Bellydance is excited to announce another class option! 

Multi-level Tribal Bellydance with Shaheen
Fridays, 6:00 pm-7:00 pm, Studio B

This multilevel class is appropriate for beginners, those students with some prior experience, and those who've been dancing for years! We look forward to seeing you. Space is limited, so register now!

Cardio Bellydance with Shaheen
Tuesdays, 5:45 pm-6:45 pm, Studio B

Join this fun, energetic class to tone, spice up your regular routine, or get a head start on your bellydancing. Appropriate for anyone who is fit/sound enough to be moving at a faster pace for an hour. No previous bellydance experience required; however, this class is not appropriate for those who are just beginning to work out, or are pregnant or have heart or respiratory conditions.
Challenge yourself and have a blast with this great workout!

Pricing:  $18/class to drop-in; $15/class if paying monthly. Personal checks, cash and credit cards accepted on site, or pre-pay on the
The Phoenix Dance Studio.  Contact Shaheen for more information!

The Phoenix Dance Studio
629 Berkmar Circle
Charlottesville, VA

 Dance Classes (taught by Shaheen or Jennifer)
Please contact for details as to which classes are currently in session. 

Bellydance Basics and Beyond
No prerequisite necessary. Anyone may attend this class. Please wear comfortable layers as you will warm up, and bring a bottle of water. It is recommended to bring a scarf or shawl that can be tied around the hips, and a notebook. If you have questions about hipscarves, we have a number of extras for students to borrow until they find one to their liking.

Combinations and Choreography
Advancement into this class requires the consistent ability to perform a three-quarter shimmy at quarter and half time, a drop-three-quarter shimmy at quarter time, undulations and reverse undulations, camels, consistent shoulder tick-tocks, chest pops and drops, snake arms, floreos, omis, vertical and horizontal hip 8s, and choo-choos. Bring a notebook, water, and hipscarf to every class; eventually you will be asked to acquire a veil and full skirt.

Isolations, Technique, and Performance Art
Advancement into this class requires all of the previous to be performed at speed, while traveling, in levels, and in various combinations. Also 'up' three-quarter shimmies, head slides, laybacks, 8s with hips or chest, reverse omis, and other isolations. Bring water, notebook, hipscarf, veil, and skirt. This class will also use other props such as swords, candles, and baskets. Floorwork may be taught but is not mandatory.

Troupe: By invitation only

Dance Workshops (taught by Shaheen)

Bellydance Basics
This workshop is geared for beginners; no prerequisite is necessary. Tailored to those who have never taken a bellydance class, never taken any kind of dance class, or taken a few classes at some point in their life, this workshop will cover not only basic moves essential to bellydance and how to string them together in simple sequences to travel or use at a fire circle, but posture, balance, and tone.

Beyond Bellydance Basics - Traveling and Transitions
This workshop is geared for those who have been taking bellydance classes for at least 6 months, or can sufficiently perform a ¾ shimmy, undulations, and counted single shimmy. Learn how to get sharp, isolated technique, transition from one move to another, and get from one side of the stage to the other without interrupting your dance.

Layers and Combinations
Designed specifically for those with several years' regular classes, Layers and Combinations takes some of your tried-and-true basics and matches them up in pairs--or trios--or quartets. Make your dances that much more mesmerizing by doing several things at once in an isolated, clear way. Combine some of your favorite moves with steps to get you out of your safe spot and all over the stage, restaurant, or dance floor. A must for any dancer going or wishing to go professional, and professionals wishing to expand.

Isolations, Technique, and Performance Art
For advanced dancers with 5 or more years' solid dance experience, this workshop will take you through how to be that awesome dancer, the one everyone talks about in an awed, admiring way; how to wow your audience without giving up your dedication to the art; how to make sure even the average schmoe knows exactly what part of your body you're moving, because it's so clear they can't not. We will go over all the little details that differentiate true professionals from talented, enthusiastic amateurs, and how you can build that indefinable SOMETHING without ripping off anyone else's style. In addition, you will take away Shaheen's own technique and speed drills including 5 awesome-and-unusual traveling steps and an isolated, poppy sequence to take your audience's breath away, along with the tools to create your own awesome sequences.

Multi-Level Combo Class
All experience levels are welcome in Fata Morgana Bellydance's made-to-order, folkloric tribal bellydance workshop. We invite those adventurous souls trying it for the first (or third) time to come find their groove with Shaheen's fun, articulate instruction, while we guarantee that experienced and professional dancers will come away with brand-new material to freshen up their repertoire including layered isolations, slink-and-pop combinations, and traveling steps just as mesmerizing as the ones you do standing in one place.

Attire for all bellydance workshops
Stretchy/loose pants or a long skirt, and a comfortable top you can move in (tank tops and sports bras are ideal).
Please bring a bottle of water, a notebook, and a scarf or shawl that can be tied around the hips. 
Several hipscarves will be available for use on a first-come, first-served basis.

Drum Classes (instructed by Chip)

Basic Middle-Eastern Doumbek
No prerequisite. Anyone may attend this class. This class introduces the student to proper techniques for playing middle-eastern style drums, and teaches rhythms frequently found in middle-eastern music. Any goblet-style (darbuka or doumbek) or frame-style (tar, riqq, etc.) hand drums are acceptable. Drums are available for loan with prior coordination with the instructor. Please bring a notebook to each class.

Intermediate/Advanced Middle - Eastern Drumming
This is a combined-level class. Advancement into this class requires demonstrated proper technique of the three basic drum strokes (doum, tek, and ka) and the ability to play Beledi, Maqsoum, Saiidi, Chiftetelli, and Ayoub at different tempos. This class focuses on learning to drum as part of an ensemble of musicians and dancers. Please bring a notebook to each class.

Live Performance
A collaborative workshop taught by Shaheen and Chip, this class will help you not only to understand but put into practice subtle and tight techniques for dancing to live music. Learn how to cue each other, hear what the other performer is telling you, and work together to create a specific atmosphere, all without words. This class is most helpful when at least one musician and one dancer from a group can attend; but you will come away with invaluable skills regardless.