Come join us for two full sets during the country's second-oldest First Night celebration! At the Carver Rec Center (233 4th Street 

NW)  in Charlottesville, VA, at 6:15 and 7:30 pm. Wholesome, sparkly, informative fun for the entire family! Wristbands are needed 

for this event; they are still available at the Atrium in the Omni Hotel on Charlottesville's Downtown Mall, just a few blocks away 

from our performance site. Please support live performance, have a blast, and most importantly, have a safe and happy New Year!

Stay tuned for updates!



Fata Morgana Bellydance Troupe is a professional, folkloric tribal style bellydance troupe based in 

Charlottesville, VA. 

They take a uniquely innovative approach to traditional Middle Eastern dance. Their vibrant, 

traditionally-styled performances saturate modern tribal fusion bellydance with clearly-discernible elements of folkloric dance from 

many countries and cultures including Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Persia, and Spain, and Turkish Çingene and Spanish 

Gitana (gypsy). Fata Morgana Bellydance loves using live music, emphasizing the unique and authentic flavor of their performances. 

They have performed across the country in national events, local and regional events, cultural festivals, Renaissance and fantasy 

faires, and numerous restaurants and private events in addition to select charitable endeavors.

Fata Morgana Bellydance classes are taught by Charlottesville's professional instructors Shaheen, Jennifer, and Chip. They have been 

performing since 1998 and have consistently taught women's dance classes since 2000, along with children's, men's, and specialty 

sessions including sword, veil, candle, and basket. Drum classes have been taught in sessions. Our dance performers and instructors 

continue their education by taking classes with such notable teachers as Rachel Brice, Kami Liddle, Amel Tafsout, Leila Haddad, 

Zaleh Fereshteh, Zafira Dance Company members, Samantha Riggs, Samira Shuruk, Madame Onca O'Leary, Mavi and more, while 

our musicians further their studies with Raquy Danziger, Darbuka Dave, Carmine Guida, and others.

Fata Morgana offers classes, workshops and performances locally and nationally. For more information on booking, general inquiries, 

and international events, please contact us at:


We look forward to our next creative endeavor with you!
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