Daffy (Drums/Vocals)
Started as a drum major in his school’s military band, Daffy is always on his toes grooving with the band. 
Young and talented, he performed with a Latin band Bandoleros, 
a pop band Splinters and John Molina’s band Krueger. 
His recent band Abzu used to play at Europa Changi, Ipanema, Barnone and Bintan Resorts, Indonesia. 
Joined Shagies since 2001, plays different styles of music and has definitely added more flavor to the band.


A self-taught keyboard player who has been around for more than 15 years, 
previously with bands such as Gingerbread, 
Asiabeat  and Sherry Aljunied and has travelled as far as KL, Taiwan and Sarawak.  
Nicknamed ‘tomross’, has been with Shagies since 1996, 
is the melody of the band, fun, cheerful and loves to sing ballads.


Wann (Bass)
The man who is serious and jovial on stage has been in the entertainment line for more than 15 years.  
He has traveled to Jakarta, Thailand and all over Malaysia.  
He has also recorded a Malay album with a band called Varna in 1991 
and is the winner in the Battle of the Bands in 1990.  
This “gigantic” bassist has been with Shagies since 1995 and is the heart and soul of the band.


AJ (Saxophone/Flute/Conga/Vocals)
Earthy, energetic and exciting are the terms to describe the musical style of AJ.  
Joined Shagies in 1992, brings in an impressive blend of talent, 
versatility and skill that helps drive the group’s powerful horns into Latin flavor, rock n roll sound. 
Started at the age of 16 and by 18 he has been playing professionally with bands such as the Adaptors, 
Bandidos, Eurasia, Singapore Swing and Back to Back. He had toured the European and Asian clubs in Germany, 
Sweden, Finland (1982), Malaysia, India, Hong Kong (1986) and Indonesia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka (1988).  
Hard working, dedicated and extremely versatile and he also commands the Trombone, 
Flute, Percussions and occasionally Trumpets and Vocals. 
Sharing his distinctive talents for writing and performing has become an integral part of the Shagies sound.


Yanee (Vocals/Guitar/Drums/Bass/Timbales)
Well known for his high pitch vocals.  He can really sing a powerful voice which will leave the audience astounded 
and screaming for more. He started professionally at the age of 22 playing with bands such as XXPO 
at Europa MusicBar in 1995, Allson Hotel at Kangxi Lounge and NTUC Jest D Place with the band K’LIQ.  
Did a 6 months gig at Hard Rock Cafe, KL with the band Rage and had good reviews for being a show band.  
Joined Shagies in 1998 and has been an asset to the band.  
Priceless, articulate and full of talent to have what is in Yanee.  
Extremely POWERFUL, check it out!


Hashim (Guitar/Vocals)
He is the founder and musical director of the band, started off in 1986 
when Shagies came in runner-up in the Yamaha Combo Times Band Competition 1986.  
Shagies, named after one of the cartoon characters ‘Scooby Doo’  
has been playing professionally for  clubs such as Anywhere Pub, Cheers and various Europa outlets.
Travelled as far as Surabaya, India, Brunei and Malaysia.  
Hashim is a very talented guitarist whose musical influence comes from ‘Steve Lukather’ (TOTO). 
By day, he is a music composer and his work includes the local animated series Tao Shu “The Warrior Boy” 
which was aired at the Nickelodeon Asia. Check out his website here.



Olynn (Vocals/Percussions)

The newest member and the first female vocalist whom has join Shagies in end of 2003. 

Olynn has been around in the music industry for more than 15 years. 

She starts singing professionally at Studebakers then she crawled all the way up to singing in clubs

and hotel lounges like Jest D’Place (NTUC), Pan Pacific Hotel, ANA Hotel (Hubertus Lounge),

the then Westin Hotel (Stamford Jazz Club) which is now called Swiss Hotel, Safra Club, Club 392,

HRC Singapore & KL and many others in Singapore or Asia. 

She has performed in various places and countries backing up well known Singapore singers like Kay Hamid,

Najib Ali, Anna Moale from London and has been performing on local Malay TV station Suria dozens of times. 

Done album recording with various artistes and still yet to make one for herself. 

Being the first female vocalist, she sure makes the audience shag along! 

She’s one petite lady with strong vocal and undeniably snooze you away with her sweet nightingale’s voice. 

Take a listen…. 




Abby (Vocals)

Sayuti (Vocals)

Mos (Drums/Vocals)

Nahli (Trumpets/Vocals)

Rahman (Keyboards)

Azmee (Bass)

Izad (Keyboards/Vocals)

Rudy (Keyboards)

Ayub (Keyboards/Vocals)

Zahary ( Keyboards)

Tommy (Keyboards)

Wandi (Drums)

Sheema (Vocals)

Suraya (Vocals)

Rahim (Keyboards/Vocals)

Suzaini (Keyboards)

Kaswan (Bass/Vocals)