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About the Groomer

Vickie LaRose started her own business in grooming because of the love and passion she has had for animals her entire life. She has two dogs and a horse of her own..  She has been a horse trainer for 15 years and has learned to transfer her unique ability to desensitize horses to dogs and cats, making your pet's experience with Vickie, enjoyable! Her love for the countryside, three daughters, and four grandchildren is what moved her from Florida to Tennessee, finding that Apison was the perfect fit. Vickie is very excited about Shaggy Chic Pet Salon reaching out to serve her community and making new friends. Please stop by or call the Salon I would love to meet you and your pets.

Our Mission: to offer quality service in a relaxed atmosphere, with gentle hands that take the time to work with your pet to desensitize it to the grooming tools to make it an enjoyable experience. Our goal is to give your pet the desired style you want and develop a lasting relationship.
We offer:
professional pet stylist

visible grooming and bathing area's

clean facility 

no sedatives ever used

convenient hours

references available upon request

Services Provided:
Bathing: Natural pH balance shampoos that match the pets coat, fresh scents, extra conditioners that give the pets coat a nice sheen.

Clipping: I believe every pet is a designer pet, our goal is to clip each pet into the desired style the pet owner wishes making it their very own style.

Dental: teeth brushing upon request at no extra charge.

Flea and Tick: natural products are used for this treatment No poisonous products to harm your pets.

Ear Care: cleaning of your pets ears and hair removal as necessary at no extra charge.

Nail Care: nail trimming and filing are part of the full service package, a small charge will be for someone who just wants nail service only

Finishing Touches: bows and bandanna's are provided with no extra charge.