Newsletter & Mass Times

        This week's newsletter can be viewed or downloaded here

Newsletter items by Thursday please to  If you're submitting something on paper please leave it in the porch the Sunday before.

How to Put Newsletter Link on Parish Website with GoogleDrive:

(1) Go to Gmail and login to

(2) Enter ‘Google Drive’, which is one of the top right options on the Google page

(3) Find the current newsletter file on Google Drive

(4) Right click the file, choose the ‘share’ option, then choose ‘get shareable link’ option. Finally, copy the link

(5) Go to the ‘Newsletter and Mass Times’ page of the parish website.  Click the ‘pencil’ icon at the top of the screen to edit the page

(6) Left click the ‘here’ at the end of ‘This week’s newsletter can be viewed or downloaded here’.  Then click on ‘change’ link.  Replace the link in ‘Link to this URL’ by copying the link you copied for this week’s newsletter (see stage (4) above)

(7) Click the red ‘ok’ and then the blue ‘save’ at the top of the page.  Then all is done!

(8) Test the link is correct by clicking the ‘here’ on the newsletter page of the website to ensure it takes you to the new newsletter.