Shadynook Farms

Raising all natural cattle with care.

Grain Fed Crossbred Beef

    We're selling local, hormone and drug free, grass and corn fed crossbred beef.   The cattle are raised by Shadynook Farms, a 3rd generation, family owned and run, mixed farm at Black Horse Corners.   They are free-range cattle that have never been forcibly weaned.   On average, these are 500lb. live weight bull calves that dress out at 140lbs a side. You have the option of ordering the whole calf, or a side, which includes the front quarter, hind quarter, and the organ meats.  Some customers share a beef with their friends to reduce the cost, or to conserve freezer space. 

    The meat is butchered locally by Louro Brothers Meats in Ayr.  Some customers arrange their own butchering, and some attend the cutting stage to get the exact cuts that they want. Please see the sample cuts sheet and cutting instructions sheet at the bottom of this page.  Many of our customers speak directly with the butcher, who is very willing to help make cut choices.  As a customer, you will need freezer space for the beef. It will already be flash frozen when you receive it.

    Hamburger, flash frozen in one pound packages, sticks of all-beef summer sausage, as well as bales of straw and cornstalks for seasonal decorations, are also available.

    If you would like more specific information regarding breed, feeding schedule, availability, or weight requirements, please email