August 13, 2019 Shady Lane Sportsmens Club Meeting Minutes

posted Sep 29, 2019, 10:11 AM by Shady Lane

Secretary's report was read and approved.

Treasurer was absent – no report.

Old Business:

Kermit got the gun range fixed up.

Gun raffle tickets are available, call Pat (320-864-3491) to get yours.

New Business:

The crushed concrete has arrived and has been spread, we have one more load to spread out.

We still need to have dirt put back around the building and need some put on the septic tanks.

Kermit will get permission from the railroad to get some ties, he will need help to pick them up.

September 14th and October 26th Joe Penaz will have his permit to carry class at the club.

Kermit will get an estimate for a cement slab and roof to cover our shooting benches.

Kermit will also check on prices to get a port-a-potty out here.

Motion to adjourn, meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be September 10th at 7:30pm!