My humble website, nothing interesting that some desktop shots yet :) 

Current Desktop
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Previous Desktops
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  • 14-11-2006
    After Tempura mod I found this great wallpaper I decided to use both. So it is: HmmXP-Tempura mod plus as usual Tango Icons. Everything with nice Calibri font. The style is fairly new so I am facing doing all other programs skins myself :)
  • 10-09-2006
    Dark side of my desktop. Bister theme modified by me. Unfortunatly couldn't find Opera skin for it. Some text is black on screenie but it was changed right after the screenshot.
    More information about what did I use at DeviantArt page.
    Just click on the thumbnail to go there.
  • 15-07-2006
    Time to do do some update. I am going to show you may latest desk (and hopefully I will update the screenie soon to).
    New desk - Codename:Opus.
    - Program used on the screenshot:Styler, Miranda, RK Launcher, AveDesk, Winamp, Samurize
    Icons taken from Tango-Project.
    - Coming soon:New Miranda, Foobar2000, New Styler Toolbar, New Samurize Calendar
  • 21-03-2006
    Google gave me account for PageCreator, page started.
    This is going to be my blog, mostly graphic blog, desktop modding blog, but with some interesting news to.
    For start I gave you screen of my latest desktop.

    Cheers too anyone who read that :)