ShadowScript Control Screen


To download the HTML user manual, click 
HERE for the pdf document.

Full MIDI control details are here: 
remote control by MIDI 


An individual license for ShadowScript costs $199 (USD) for ShadowScript without the new MIDI features, and $499 (USD) for ShadowScript WITH the new MIDI features. (You will receive via email, a "ShadowScript License Requester app to run on the computer you wish to use for ShadowScript, which will generate the necessary data for us to create a license to run shadowScript on your computer.)

(You may download and run ShadowScript in "trial mode" for a maximum of TEN minutes of prompting with a maximum of TEN items in the Setlist.)

You can purchase a license HERE

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1. What computers does ShadowScript™ run on?

To run the current version of ShadowScript, we recommend that you use the following operating system:

Macintosh: OSX El Capitan, version 10.11.6 or newer 

Use a hardware port adapter that has external video port capabilities with these OSX versions. 

Also, if remote control of ShadowScript by MIDI is desired, an appropriate MIDI port adapter is required for your Mac.

2. Does ShadowScript require any special software or hardware?


See the recommended operating systems and hardware, above.


See the recommended operating systems and hardware, above.

If your computer is capable of independent video out, separate video monitors for system control and scrolling is supported! This way you can use your main computer screen for the ShadowScript control panel and the auxiliary video out for the scrolling teleprompt monitors.

3. Why choose ShadowScript over the other "speech-based" or "tv/movie studio" teleprompting solutions?

The "needs" of putting on a live music concert are different from giving a speech (as you may well already know!) ShadowScript was developed after many years of an unfruitful search involving countless other programs, searching for a suitable set of features for use for concert tours. ShadowScript was developed as a result of this unproductive search, expressly for this need!

4. Exactly what is in the download?

A compressed file archive containing ShadowScript which when downloaded and mounted, contains the ShadowScript folder containing the "Intel Binary" program. Simply "DRAG" the ShadowScript folder to your "Applications" folder (or wherever on your Mac you wish to store it.).

5. Can you try it before buying?

Yes! The download is actually the fully functional program and it will run in "DEMO" mode without a license key. In DEMO mode, you will be limited to a maximum of TEN files in the SETLIST and a maximum of TEN minutes of scrolling time.

Copyright by Sky Dancer Studios, LLC