ShadowScript ControlScreen

To view or download the user manual, click HERE for the pdf document.


A license for ShadowScript 3 costs $499.00 for the full MIDI remote control version and $199.00 (USD) for the simpler version without MIDI remote control, and each license allows the running of ShadowScript on up to three computers.

(You may download and run ShadowScript in "trial mode" for a maximum of TEN minutes of prompting with a maximum of TEN items in the Setlist.)

You can purchase a license HERE

Copyright by Sky Dancer Studios, LLC


For Macintosh or Windows

1. Software Requirements:

OS X Version 10.11.6 (El Capitanor Newer

NOTE: ShadowScript has not been tested on BigSur yet.

NOTE: We no longer support Windows versions.

2. Hardware Requirements:

Any Intel powered Macintosh that is capable of independent video output.


An external USB hand or foot controller that can send keystrokes to your Mac or PC for "remote control" of ShadowScript's prompting speed and direction. (Foot controllers work great for individual artists on stage to control their own prompting!)

What's in the download?

Macintosh: A "Mac zipped disk image", that when downloaded, extracted and mounted, contains the ShadowScript application folder, which you simply "drag" onto your Mac's Application folder (or wherever on your Mac's hard disk you wish to store the program.)

Do you need a LICENSE KEY?

No. The downloaded version is the fully-functional program. It will run in a "DEMO" mode without a license key, which limits you to a maximum of TEN files in the SETLIST and a maximum of TEN minutes of continuous prompting in a single session.

Click HERE to download version 3.2.8