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Full MIDI control details are here: remote control by MIDI 

An individual license for ShadowScript costs $199 (USD) for ShadowScript without the new MIDI features, and $499 (USD) for ShadowScript WITH the new MIDI features.

(You may download and run ShadowScript in "trial mode" for a maximum of TEN minutes of prompting with a maximum of TEN items in the Setlist.)

You can purchase a license HERE

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Music performances or concerts usually consist of a list of show elements (a "Setlist") such as songs, speeches, musical interludes, each of which may have a "script" showing lyrics, chords, program prompts & notes, etc. Each of these elements probably exists as a separate computer file, and each one may have its own text font, size, color, and other local settings inside the file! If not overridden, the "Setlist" when displayed would give a very disjointed appearance, possibly becoming very hard to read with unpredictable line breaks caused by the width of the monitor(s) used! Each of these problems is addressed by ShadowScript.

    • A "Setlist" showing all songs/dialog events in the show with "full drag-and-drop" for arranging/adding/deleting songs.
    • An "Edit Pad" with "True View" so that notes, chords, will show up exactly where they appear in the edit screen! You get complete editing capability, automatically sized to show where the lines will "wrap" on the actual prompting monitor screens. (No more guessing where lines will wrap on the real monitors!)
    • A "Preview" screen for trying out the prompting of the show, automatically scaled and sized to be a small representation of the actual prompting monitor screens.
    • Full remote control by MIDI for scrolling for pre-recorded shows!
    • "Dual Video" capability for computers that have independent video output capability.
    • Informational "Blanking Screen" which has switchable time and date prompts and a custom "prompt line" that can be displayed at any point before or during the show. (Placing "Chicago, IL" on the Blanking Screen at the beginning of the show prevents those embarrassing moments of "Hello Detroit!" when you're actually in Chicago!)
    • "One Click" "Goto File", Goto Line" "Goto Index Mark" navigation! Move instantly to any song/song line in the show by simply clicking!
    • Speed can be continuously controlled by a mouse, controller or the keyboard keys 0 thru 9. "Space" key toggles scrolling instantly in ANY mode.(Can be controlled by a FOOT PEDAL for easy use by solo performers.)
    • "Audible" feature instantly adds an "on-the-spot" song that was not in the show but is needed NOW by simply clicking the "Audible" button and "drag-and-dropping" the song(s) onto the Setlist. (The scrolling screens instantly go to the first line of the dropped song!) Exiting "Audible Mode" returns to the exact point where you were in the show before doing the "Audible".
    • Add your own "bookmarks" or "index marks" to the text for instant navigation to any point in the Setlist.
    • Supports "bold", Italic", "underline" and colored text!
    • Imports and exports "RTF" and plain text files with full editing capabilities inside ShadowScript!
    • Easily sets the FONT and FONTSIZE for the entire show AND ALL SETLIST FILES with one click!
    • REVERSE VIDEO mode for bright sunlit stages in daytime events.
    • A built-in start-stop "Elapsed Timer" for timing a song, set or the entire show.
    • PRINTING of the entire show in Setlist order, of the Setlist AND the songs or the Setlist alone, or any and all selected song(s) individually.
    • EXPORT of the Setlist in CSV format for importing into Microsoft™ Excel™.
    • Automatic prevention of computer "sleep", screen savers and other OS "stuff" from popping up during the show!
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