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If you speak "Setlist" and "Live Concert", then ShadowScript may be what you've been searching for!

Bruce Springsteen Tour

Mobile Production Monthly how the Bruce Springsteen Tour uses ShadowScript

New ShadowScript 3.0 Features - MIDI Remote Control!

To run the current version of ShadowScript, we recommend that you use the following versions of OSX:

Macintosh: OSX El Capitan, version 10.11.x or newer  Use Macs that have external video port capability with these OSX versions.

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ShadowScript for Macintosh
 is a live music concert teleprompter system that was specifically designed for live music events like rock or country concerts (it's NOT just an adapted "speech teleprompter" that you can adapt for use in concerts!) It's entire feature set was designed to fit the demands of putting on a live music event on stage and its associated tasks. ShadowScript has been "road tested" and refined by multiple Grammy© award winning artists while ON TOUR! In fact, it has been adopted by so many of the world's largest and most popular acts, it is now seemingly the "Pro's Choice"!

ShadowsScript is used by everyone from television and movie studios, to some of the largest venues in the world from New York, to Los Angeles to Tokyo. It has also powered some of the most watched entertainment halftime shows in history!