Street Art by Ellis Gallagher

Ellis Gallagher produces shadow art at night.
In Brooklyn, he heads out on foot or on his bike with a backpack full of chalk,
looking for shadows. He has traced everything from bicycles to whole city blocks.

Ellis Gallagher tracing shadows of objects on sidewalks in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn,
including a trash basket.

Ellis Gallagher traces the shadow of a bicycle.

The photos above by Chang W. Lee/The New York Times
The descriptions of photos Copyright 2005 The New York Times Company

 Brooklyn street artist Ellis Gallagher aka © Ellis G.
takes us on a personal ride through his creative process and
the defining moment that led him to his signature style of shadow-based outlines.

 <<Ellis Gallagher Blog>>

Street Art by Morfai

Seeder 2008 by Morfąi (Kaunas, Lithuania)

Wait till the night come and the graphic will take an other dimension. <<Original Website>>

Street Art by Kane Do

Untitled (Car park Drawings) 2000

He transformed empty car parking spaces into temporary artworks. <<Original Website>>