Behind Closed Doors

Domestic violence is common, many women won't talk about it.  
They are ashamed, they pretend nothing has happened.

We can either show the truth – or hide it.
One switch hides reality, the other reveals it.
One in four women experience domestic violence.
I heard that my aunt had decided to divorce,
because she was suffering from domestic violence,
and this situation had been hidden for more than ten years.
It could be explained that they pretended perfectly,
or we ignored something from their marriage.
Whole family knew if we could pay more attention to them,
we can protect her; however, it was too late.
After that, I did some research about domestic violence
and tried to find out the proper media or material which was ignored by people in daily life,
then create something to remind viewer how serious the situation is,
and if we pay more attention to this issue, we could have chance to save it.
Without doubt, the shadow became my best choice.